Common Angling Mistakes to Avoid

Common Angling Mistakes to Avoid

fishing mistakes to avoid

These are some common fishing mistakes you should avoid.

#1 Choice of gears

I think it is important to realize that not all combinations will work well together because they are just not created equally. Different types of fish influences the type of gears you use and you want to make sure you are using the right gears.
Therefore, it is extremely wise to stock up on your collections of hooks, rods and reels especially if you practice a diverse sets of fishing techniques. One great example will be the differences in gears needed for trolling and fly-fishing, you get the idea.
Note that hooks come in various sizes and always make sure that your hooks are well kept and aren’t dull, rusty or covered in grime because that will result in poor fishing performance.
#2 Poor Knot Tying
I remember when I first started, tying knots intimidated me and yet it’s one of the key skills needed in fishing. So many ways to loop just a piece of line! As with gears, you have to tie the right knot based on what the situation requires and this adds a level of complexity to it.
Knot tying can be one of the most demanding tasks to accomplish especially for beginners. Keep in mind that poor knot tying always results in lose your prized fish. Knotting can be time-wasting if you can’t do it properly and time management is the key to fishing. However it’s not as difficult these days considering the vast amount of tutorial videos available for free online. All you have to do is practice, practice and practice.

#3 Choices of lures

It might be tiny but it creates a vast difference when you’re fishing. Take the time to learn your lures or flies. It is important to choose the right one especially when it comes to fly fishing like for trouts for example as they are extremely selective feeders.
Now here lays problem number two, do not always change your lures because when you are changing them, obviously you just aren’t fishing! Fishing sometimes, especially for large fishes, you just need to fish at the right place at the right time. That is why just be confident in your choice of lure and fish away.
#4 Hold onto that rod!

Another silly mistake I often come across will be lack of focus. Fishing is a kind of sport that requires a high level of concentration as compared to other sports that I know of. Try not to talk too much or day dream if you are serious about fishing. It’s not an easy thing to do but this is probably one of the unique parts about fishing.
Tons of pros put their entire concentration on the line until they reach a state called the Zen-like state which is known in Tenkara fly fishing, the Japanese traditional way to fly fish so always keep your guard up because you never know when the fish will bite.
#5 Don’t Reel in Too Fast!

Patience is virtue. So is fishing. Most beginners think that after casting once, they will immediately get a bite. If only it was that way in the real world… then pigs will finally fly or your luck is just that good. If you have been hanging around some of the best in the industry, you will notice most if not all will always try to somehow make it look like they are trying to tick them off just to make the fishes bite.
Why you may wonder? Well in order to strike, the fish for example like the bass has to see the bait first, am I right? If you make only one cast to a stump and leave, it’s almost certain that you will not get even a single bite. So the key is to somehow entice them with your lure by casting a couple of times into the water to make them eventually mad to finally bite your lure.
Another thing about reel is that you will want to start off with the best spinning reels. Baitcasting is not right for everyone although it’s kind of in the trend right now. You need much more experience and skills to use a baitcasting reel although it’s true that baitcasting reels allow you to control the fishing line with greater precision and accuracy.
#6 Worn-out Lines

This is what grinds my gears the most often. I am actually pretty amazed at how many fishermen are just not taking proper care of their line. You will always notice a break off a fish if you have been tournaments often and when you look at it closely, it always breaks off at the knot! Some anglers do put ancient, worn out fishing line on their reel and the fish may bite with you using a good fly, bait or lure but with that kind of a low-grade fishing line? You can kiss your fish goodbye with no backbone or support from your line to back it up.
Remember to always change your lines on a regular basis. It is just a super simple and super short maintenance here. Just swap them and you will realise you will be able to fish easier and losing your fish will not be an option anymore.
#7 Presentations

Most beginning anglers often overlook the way they cast. You obviously cannot catch fish with an inaccurate, splashy and sloppy casting. The fish will not bite at all. It is very disappointing when you cast poorly and not get any bites when your choice of lure, bait or fly is top notch and suits the fish you are supposed to catch. Fishes are easily frightened which then cause them to shut down their feeding patterns by actions like loud splashes into the water, Hence, it is vital to put in effort into your presentation by executing it gently and realistically. After that, you want your lure to look as natural as possible because all fishing are super fidgety and every couple of seconds they will kind of dash or dart sideways or upwards and downwards and you want your lure to resemble them in that way. So try putting in erratic movements into your retrieve. Remember a small step goes a long way.
#8 Wrong conditions

A lot of anglers even seasoned one do not realise that fish change as much as humans do every hour, every day or even every week depending on the current conditions. Do not go back to the place you them last night, last week, last month or worse… last year! The best spot in summer can be barren come springs or fall. Tailor yourself according to the current conditions and you will be able to fish in no time.
These are some of the common mistakes I and many others make. If you want to use a baitcasting reel, there are more things that you can try to do. It’s probably not easy to avoid but you will learn as you go. What’s the silliest mistakes you ever made? Share with us in the comment area below.



Bio of Author: Hey, I’m John Lewis, an avid outdoorsman that has a strong passion in fishing and any outdoor activities. I blog about my experience and tips over at

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Fishing is an activity that offers you self-fulfillment and the thrills that lay in the challenges you face like for example, stalking an elusive wild bass.

However, not everyone is that much of a perfect person when it comes to fishing and mistakes are done on a daily basis. This article will show you which 9 mistakes to avoid and soon, you’ll be have more consistent success.

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