Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt

Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt

Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt

The Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt breaks up an angler’s outline as they wade into the ocean.


We’ve got heat activated camouflage for those warm days turkey hunting and stalking antelope, but now we have sun activated camouflage for fishing. Columbia has introduced the Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt and says that the camo fabric changes color and pattern when hit with UV light. The shirt is tailored for ocean fisherman who wade out in the water to cast and it’s definitely an interesting product.

The new shirt from one of the best outdoor brands in the business is being marketed to fisherman to “help anglers blend into their surroundings while fishing” by breaking up the pattern of a person standing in the water with a pole. The thought behind it is that fish won’t notice the fisherman as much with a camo shirt on that breaks up their patter and matches the water and sky. The Columbia Fishing Camo Shirt says that it will do just that, while blocking harmful UV rays.

Columbia Sun Camo Shirt

The new shirt from Columbia changes from a solid color to a blocky camo when UV rays hit it.

The shirt activates when UV light hits it, but you can also get it to show the camo function if you heat it up with a hair dryer. The solid blue color turns blocky and gives off a different pattern of camo right in front of you.

Sun Activated Color Changing Shirt

The Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt comes in men’s and women’s designs and costs a pocket beating $140. The shirt also is made out of wicking material and offers anglers 40 UPF sun protection. All in all, it’s a great shirt that looks good on the water and in the bar afterwards. It’s made of polyester and we’re sure that it will last just as long as Columbia’s other quality products.

Check out Columbia’s full line of products on their website here. 

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