Prepare for Hunting Better with these Cheap Tools

Cheap Hunting Prep Tools and Tips

Mechanix gloves

Mechanix gloves are great for hunting preparation in the woods and will save your hands from cuts and damage.


Hunting Preparation Tips

Efficiency is key when it comes to getting work done in the hunting world. We are always looking for products that are quality, while still not costing us an arm and a leg. Here are a few quick tips that I think will help you out the next time you enter the woods to take care of your hunting spots. 

One thing that  I always use while in the woods are gloves. When you’re working on trees, with saws and are hard on your hands, gloves don’t tend to last long. However, I’ve found that Mechanix gloves really hold up and keep my hands in good shape. This babies are the real deal and will last you 10x as long as any other glove on the market. They also give you a great feel and are very breathable to prevent your hands from sweating up. Most of their gloves are cheaper than the fancy camouflage ones that other companies offer and offer way better performance in the woods when it comes to hunting prep work.

Film Canisters

The author uses film canisters to hold tacks that he marks his paths to and from his hunting stands in the big Wisconsin woods.

Another helpful tool I have found is 35 mm film canisters for my tacks. I use tacks to mark my way in to stands so that it’s easy to see during the morning and night since I am hunting in all wooded areas. The containers that they give you for your tacks when you first buy them are absolute garbage and break within minutes. The film canisters that I use last forever and the lids seal very nicely. Nothing is more frustrating than reaching in to your pack and grabbing a hand full of sharp tacks.

Lunch Box

The author uses a lunch box to store his trail camera equipment in one spot while carrying it to and from his stands.

The last thing I want to share with you is a cheap way to store all of your trail camera accessories. I use an old lunch box to keep all of my cards, cords, manuals, locks and keys safely in one place. This is a super cheap method because most of us already have something like this lying around the house that you don’t have to go out and buy. They are pretty durable and save you time while you are checking cameras.

I hope you guys can use some of these tips that I have found helpful over the years and save yourself some time and money along the way.

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