Catching Fish is a Bonus for Wisconsin Ice Fisherman

Catching Fish is a Bonus for Wisconsin Ice Fisherman

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Getting out on the ice is a great way to break up the cold Midwestern winters

During the cold winter days in Wisconsin (we have plenty) many people stay inside and cabin fever can set in very quickly for outdoorsman. If you find yourself in this boat and haven’t tried out ice fishing, then you need to give it a shot. 

While many outdoorsman partake in both hunting and fishing, my first love will always be hunting, but ice fishing is really growing on me. After this brutal winter, I really needed some reasons to get outside and spend time with my buddies and I can’t think of a better way. There are fewer ways that I find more appealing to drink a few cold beers than sitting on the ice, trying to catch some fish.


Fresh catch from a day of ice fishing

A typical ice fishing adventure usually begins with getting up early and heading out to the closest lake, for me this is Lake Winnebago in Oshkosh, WI. After we drill our holes its time to go under our portable pop up shacks and start wetting some lines.

I usually go with several friends including my buddy, Dylan Moehr. Dylan loves ice fishing and put his feelings in a good light for me.

“From the begging of first ice until the waves start rolling, is my favorite time to go fishing,” Moehr said.

“When you sit 3 feet away from your best friend, your enjoying a good dip, a couple of beers, and some fishing action, you can’t beat that. Catching fish is just a secondary prize to getting outside and making memories. I suggest more people to bring out their friends and try their luck. I’ts better than sitting inside and watching tv or playing video games all day.” says Dylan

Getting outdoors these days, especially for younger kids, seems harder and harder to come by, especially for youth. The last couple years have really motivated me to get out and do more outdoors since I know that you can’t tell when you won’t have the opportunity to do it any longer.

Get out and try a new outdoor sport, in this case, Ice fishing. We’ve still got plenty of ice to get out on in Wisconsin!

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