Capture Bino Binocular Clip: the Revolutionary Binocular Carrying System

Capture Bino Binocular Clip Review

capture bino review

The Capture Bino from Peak Design is a revolutionary new way to carry binoculars in the field.

Carrying binoculars is a must for any hunter but where is the best place for them to go? Certainly not in your pack and around your neck can get in the way and weigh you down. Peak Design has launched an all-new, innovative way to carry your optics when hunting and hiking with their revolutionary Capture Bino system. The Capture Bino Binocular Clip allows you to clip your binoculars on your belt, or your backpack for easy access. 

Capture Bino Review

Peak Design Capture bino Review

Having your binoculars handy on your pack is easier than having to remove layers and take off your binoculars and straps.

Setting up the Capture Bino Binocular Clip is pretty easy. You simply loosen some screws and tighten them around your backpack strap or belt. Then hook the screw into the tripod mounting hole on your binoculars and you can clip the binoculars to the holder.

  • The Gear: Peak Design Capture Bino Binocular Clip
  • Price: $69.99
  • Where to test it?: Woods, Mountains, Fields and Hikes
  • Who’s it for?: Backpackers, Hikers, Bikers, Hunters, Fisherman or any Outdoorsman or Photographer
  • Where to Buy?: Peak Design Website, Amazon

Peak Design Capture Bino Review

Binocular Clip System

The clip on the Capture Bino makes it very easy to access your binoculars while hiking or hunting.

With the Capture Bino system, you can accommodate any strap that is up to three inches wide and one inch deep. The aluminum design is sturdy and light and is certain to be able to withstand any weather and many years of abuse.

Backpack Binocular Carrying System

I used the Capture Bino hooked up to my backpack this spring during some scouting and shed hunting walks and it was nice not to have to shed layers of clothing to take off my normal binocular straps. This new system is going to be great in warmer weather and any time that I know that I’ll be carrying a pack.

Belt Loop Binocular Strap

Check out the Capture Bino Binocular system on their website here.  You can also order the Peak Design camera/bino clip on Amazon here.

Binocular Strap Review

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