Captain Wrestles Shark to Show Off

Captain Wrestles Shark

You know those times when you went to a party and a couple of good looking girls came in and those douche bags in the corner started arm wrestling or acting like jackasses to show off? Well, that’s pretty much what happens in this video. The captain of what appears to be this guided shark fishing boat had hooked into a 9 foot lemon shark and instead of just letting it go, decided to wrestle it. Click on to see more or check out some of our other fishing videos.

Captain D-Bag the Shark Wrestler

Anyway, it looks like the shark is fine, but the guy was obviously showing off for his “clientele”. If you watch the whole video, you can see the type that he’s looking for in the credits. While we won’t fault him for that, it is a little ridiculous that he had to wrestle an obviously tired fish around with and without the line attached….. I was kind of hoping the shark would get the best of him.

Shark Wrestling

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