All-New Cabelas Zonz Camo Patterns Hit Stores

Cabelas Zonz Camo Patterns

Cabelas Zonz

Cabelas New Zonz camo out for 2013 is awesome and realistic

Cabelas is one of my favorite outdoor gear stores and they are always coming out with awesome shit to make my wallet lighter and my basement more cramped. The new Cabelas Zonz Camo patterns are no different and the full line of clothing that they come in is vast and real looking. The wide-format printing technology was created by Cabelas to help ease the transition between elements. Whether you’re in a marsh, creek, pine trees or the West, there is something for everyone with Cabelas Zonz Camo.

Cabelas Woodlands Zonz for Deer Hunters

The innovative hybrid design features a photorealistic macro-pattern that is blended with a digital microtexture background to show hyperreal features that have never been found in different camo patterns. The new, ground-breaking combination shows you just how real you can look in the natural world. Animals don’t have a chance to see you, no matter what environment you are going to be in.

Cabelas Zonz Camo comes in three different zones; the Trunk and Bar Zone for in the thick New England woods and waters, the Limb and Branch Zone for Midwest and Eastern tree stand hunters and the Stick and Leaf Zone that is able to go anywhere. I should mention that this is only the archery hunting zonz, Cabelas is also offering waterfowl and more.

You can check out the new patterns and clothing here or at Stay tuned for more updates on the latest hunting gear reviews.

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