The Fish Don’t Stand a Chance with these Polarized Sunglasses

Breakline Romar Polarized Sunglasses Review

Breakline polarized romar sunglasses

Breakline Polarized Sunglasses are some of the most comfortable and clearest glasses you can have for fishing.

People who like to fish need to spend time on the water, and to spend time on the water you need to protect your eyes. That’s where a good pair of polarized sunglasses comes in. There are tons out there, in all sorts of different price ranges and styles, but these new glasses from Breakline Sunglasses are definitely worth putting on your face.

Breakline Polarized Sunglasses Review

Romar Sunglasses Review

Polarized sunglasses are a necessity for fishing and the Romars from Breakline Polarized are perfect for any type of fishing.

When I first put on the Breakline Romar Polarized Sunglasses I noticed the custom fit that they had to my head. The Italian frames are well-made and feel durable and secure. People who sometimes have a hard time keeping sunglasses on their head without them slipping will love the fit of the Romar. This does not mean that the glasses won’t fit those with a wider head though, since they flex to fit. They’re super comfortable and the nose piece feels great without making your eyes too hot like some glasses do.

After you realize that these glasses fit incredibly well, you’re going to be blown away by the lenses. Each pair of Breakline Polarized Sunglasses comes with┬áZ-920 polarized lenses by Zeiss. Anyone who knows anything about optics and glass knows that Zeiss makes amazing glass, and these lenses are no different. When wearing the Romar Polarized Sunglasses on the water, you can see fish swimming in the water easily and you won’t have any problems spotting shallow water muskies or bass. The glasses are really clear and block out the harmful rays that hurt your eyes.

Breakline’s Romar Polarized sunglasses are affordable and high quality. The frames are Italian-handcrafted MaxVelocity frames and come with a lifetime warranty and one-time loss replacement. Even if you lose your sunglasses, Breakline Sunglasses will replace the pair one time. If your glasses break or the lenses scratch, you can get a new pair. Guaranteed. A lifetime warranty on hunting, fishing and outdoor products is a big deal since we know we abuse tools as outdoor enthusiasts.

I highly recommend Breakline Polarized Sunglasses and the Romar model. You can choose blue mirror, green mirror or grey lenses and they are all polarized and are Zeiss lenses. You can own your own pair for $144.99-$154.99 from Breakline Sunglasses website here.

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