Challenge Yourself This Spring- Archery Hunting For Turkeys

Bow Hunting for Turkeys

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bow hunt turkeys

These tips will help you have a better chance at bagging a turkey with your bow this spring turkey season

After a long cold winter, there is nothing more uplifting than to hear the sound of gobbling echoing along a ridge as the sun rises and the woods comes alive. There is no other place I would rather be than sitting in the woods witnessing this spring ritual. As a hunter, bow hunting for gobblers in the spring presents a challenge that I look forward to every year. If you have never attempted hunting for turkeys with archery equipment I suggest you put away the shotgun and try, here are a few tips that may help you be successful this spring. Leave the Gun At Home

The first thing I will suggest to a first time bowhunter is if you are going make it your goal to be successful with the bow, leave the shotgun at home.  A lot of first timers will say “I am going to hunt with the bow this year and bring the shotgun just in case for backup.” Leave the gun at home or you will be tempted to use it when a shot presents itself.

Scout  & Be Patient

archery turkey huntIf you have done your scouting and have a pattern on a bird, setup and be patient. Hunting with a bow does not allow for a lot of running and gunning, only under certain circumstances and with some experience.  Be confident in your setup, get comfortable, and be patient.

bow hunt turkeys

Broad-head Choice

Choosing a broadhead for turkey hunting is not a complicated process. There are a lot of heads out there and they will all do the job, and as always, shot placement is key. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a broadhead: A fixed blade head will have a better chance of a complete pass through. This may result with a turkey flying at the shot even with a lethal hit. A mechanical broadhead will cut a larger hole and will have less chance of passing completely through the bird. The vitals on a turkey are relatively small; the larger cutting diameter of a mechanical will give you more room for error. Having the arrow in the bird can also keep the wings pinned and won’t allow a fly off at impact. I have been using NAP Spitfires for years and have had great results with them.

turkey bow killIf you are up for the challenge this spring pick up the bow and try you skills against a big long beardBow Hunting Turkeys

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