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Boombotix Personalized Bluetooth Speaker

MorningMoss Speaker Boombotix

The Boombotix personalized bluetooth speaker is very easy to create and looks great with the MorningMoss logo (or your own logo or picture).

Camping this past weekend called for plenty of time outside, good food, good drinks and lots of music. With lots of music streaming apps available, portable bluetooth speakers are definitely the way to go to get your music outside…anywhere. You’ll never look better with any sort of bluetooth speaker than with the Boombotix personalized speaker and we happen to really like the MorningMoss one pictured above. 

MorningMoss Bluetooth Speaker

Boombotix Speaker

Boombotix speakers easily clip onto backpacks, belts and more with the handy clip on the backside of the speaker.

Boombotix speakers make it incredibly simple to personalize your own bluetooth speaker. All you do is log on to their website here, pick the colors that you’d like on the speaker, choose the clip and upload an image if you’d like for the front. Size the image to the speaker and you’re all set! It is really that simple and it’s a great deal at $79.99 and shipped to you in less than a week.

Personalized Bluetooth Speaker

Camping Speaker

Camping, boating, hiking and more are all activities that are better with music and the Boombotix is the perfect speaker for the outdoors.

The Boombotix personalized speaker is a REX speaker from their lineup. This ultra-portable speaker sounds incredible due to revolutionary acoustics. It even features a noise canceling microphone and a built-in clip. You won’t need to worry about missing a call if you hook it up to your phone and can answer calls right from the speaker. It’s also very, very loud. The speaker goes up to 95 decibels and has a built in equalizer.

Boombotix Bluetooth Speakers

Clip on Bluetooth SPeaker

The clip on the Boombotix speaker is strong and durable and will easily clip to bags, belts or anything else.

We love our new MorningMoss speaker and think it sounds fantastic. Clipping it on while at the campground, on the boat or on a kayak was simple and it sounded perfect no matter the location.

Be sure to check out your own Boombotix personalized speaker for your next gift or for a fun purchase for yourself. You can see their full line of speakers on their website here. 

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