Bone Chilling Coyote Howls on VIDEO

Bone Chilling Coyote Howls on VIDEO

The other night when I was out bow hunting I heard a large pack of coyotes howling and killing something. I never saw them but it was really loud and there were certainly some unpleasant noises. That got me thinking this week and I came across this video. The caller is set up on a chair in the woods and calls twice, while the first call didn’t get anythings attention, the second one definitely did. Listen to hear these chilling coyote howls erupt in the woods.

Coyotes are not really dangerous to people and I don’t know many people who are afraid of them, but the noises they make are a little creepy. I’d say that this video is taken in an area where there are a whole lot of them, but I’ve only managed to see coyotes a handful of times while hunting.

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PJ Cashman

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