BlackFire Clamplight Review

BlackFire Clamplight Review

BlackFire Clamplight review

One of the many uses for the BlackFire Clamplight is to fix cars or other devices while using two hands.


Flashlights are a dime a dozen and thank god because I tend to lose every last one of them. I put them in drawers, lose them in the woods and drop and break them. I’ve tried to make them stay in spots that they won’t fit and held them in my mouth while gutting deer and nothing has worked yet besides a headlamp. The BlackFire Clamplight changes things. This light clamps on to virtually anything and pumps out 100 lumens 0f LED brightness. You can buy one right here for only $19.99.

BlackFire Clamplight

BlackFire Flashlight

The BlackFire Clamplight flashlight is very useful and bright.

Recently, I was skinning out a deer and needed a light and the BlackFire Clamplight was there. Before I probably would have tried to use a vice or some other MacGyver trick, but not this time. This light is handy, through and through. It’s simple to use (just open and clamp) and it works well. You can clip it to parts in your car while working on repairs, to a table as a desk lamp, or to anything in your garage as a supplemental light. You can even use it as just a flashlight since it locks in place and swivels.

Clamp Light Flashlight

The light uses three AAA batteries and seems to last a while, but I have not burned mine out yet. There are literally hundreds of uses for this thing and it’s going to be nice to have it around.

BlackFire Flashlight

If you’re a tinkerer, home owner, outdoorsman or just regular person who may need a flashlight, then you can use this. It’s a practical gift and a nice tool to have around. Check out the BlackFire Clamplight on their website here and buy your very own on Amazon. 

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