Big Woods Shed Antlers

Big Woods Shed Antlers

Pj Cashman Shed Antler

This was the only shed antler that I was able to find while walking in Northern Wisconsin.

This past weekend I got the chance to go look for shed antlers with my brother and one of my friends up in Northern Wisconsin. This country has some steep ridges, tons of hardwoods and many valleys and ravines. It can be tough walking, but you never know when you’re going to stumble across a big shed antler. 

Big Northern WI Shed

This antler was found in Northern Wisconsin and scored 70 inches


The week before my brother managed to find a real big antler and we were trying to find the other side. While we weren’t able to do that, we did end up with three smaller antlers for our 6 plus miles of walking.

small shed antler

Here is a picture of how the small antler looked when found on the ground by some leaves.

In total we found five antlers on this property. While I’m sure that we definitely missed some, it’s always great getting some exercise and finding a few each spring.

WI Shed Antler

This is a photo of one of the Northern Wisconsin shed antlers that were found.

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