Big Hanger Shed Antler-User Submission

Big Hanger Shed Antler

hanging shed antler

This hunter found this shed antler hanging on a bush in the middle of a marsh in Michigan.

Shed hunting lets you find a piece of the deer that eluded your or that you chose not to shoot during the season, and many times you see some pretty crazy stuff. This antler submission however is one of the coolest sheds that I’ve ever seen. As you can see from the photo, this was hanging in a bush in a marsh in Michigan. Check out more photos from that same shed walk below and enter yours in the Shed antler photo contest.

Big Shed Antlers

big shed antler

This shed antler was found while hiking in the woods off of a marsh.

This walk turned out to be a good one for this shed antler seeker. He was able to find the hanging shed in a bush as well as another larger one in the woods off of a marsh.

finding shed antlers

As you can see from this photo, this antler would have been difficult to spot in the snow, but this hiker didn’t have any issues.

If you’ve found some cool shed antlers this season, be sure to send them in.

Check out some great information as well like, when you should start shed hunting.

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