Best Tents of 2014

Best Tents of 2014

While camping season or a back country hunt may still be several months away, we wanted to put together this list of some of the best tents of 2014 so that when it’s time for you to pick one up, you know right where to go. No matter if you’re hiking solo, have a couple buddies, or need to house an entire camp, we have got you covered.

Best Tents of 2014

See what the best tents of 2014 are here.

North Face Mica

North Face Mica FL2

The North Face Mica FL2 is a great one-person camping tent for hunting

This solo person tent has everything you need. It’s light, it’s packable and it’s easy to carry long distances. This can handle all hikes and treks and will give you plenty of room. It is 17 square feet of comfort and durability and you can even squeeze a 25 inch sleeping mat in this bad boy. Check it out at North Face’s online shop. 

Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT

Halleberg Nallo GT 3

This 3 person tent offers warmth and space for 3 campers

The Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT tent is a three person tent that comes with everything you’ll need for a successful outing. It is sturdy, but still weighs less than five pounds so you can haul it as far as you need to and keep the warmth that you’ll want. While the price point is a little high at $830, this tent will give you plenty of space and warmth for years to come. Get yours here. 

Best Tent Ever

Cabelas Alaknak Tent

The Alaknak tent from Cabelas is the most bad ass back country tent on the market

Cabela Ultimate Alaknak Tent tops our list of the best tents of 2014 just for being the most bad ass tent on the market. The Cabela Alaknak tent comes in at 13 feet by 27 feet and shows you that comfort in the outdoors doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Ten sturdy poles keep the tent firmly on the ground and the polyester fabric will keep you warm and dry on the coldest, wettest nights. Interior shelves, space for a wood stove, and storage everywhere will give you and 11 friends plenty of space to stay on your next back country hunt. Get yours from our friends over at Cabelas. 

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