Beer Can Buck

MO Beer Can Buck

beer can buck

This buck dubbed the “Beer Can Buck” due to it’s bases as big as beer cans was killed in Melbourne, Missouri on December 13, 2014 Photo credit goes to Kevin Clouse

I came across a story today on Field and Stream of a huge buck shot in Missouri that was dubbed, the Beer Can Buck. This monster white tail was killed in Melbourne, Missouri on December 13, 2014. The hunter that was lucky enough to kill this deer had encountered it three years ago and was always hoping for another shot at it. When he first saw it three years ago, he said that it’s bases were as big as beer cans, hence the name. We’re going to guess that after killing this monster, this hunter had more than a few beers. You can read the full story on Field and Stream here and more information below. 

Beer Can Buck

The shot that took this deer down was a 45 yard quartering away shot. The buck was following a doe over a ravine and the hunter took what the deer gave him. The deer ran 150 yards after the shot and when the hunter found it, he knew that he had killed the Beer Can Buck.

Bases as Big as Beer Cans

Congratulations on this amazing deer and a once in a lifetime buck.

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