Bear Attacks Deer in a Backyard VIDEO

Bear Attacks Deer in a Backyard

Sometimes, nature isn’t pretty. As hunters we know this first hand and we realize that our meat doesn’t come from a magical grocery store. Others however, don’t realize it until it’s right in their own backyard, literally.

This bear caught a doe in a suburban backyard and proceeded to kill it by doing what it does best. Attacking from behind and breaking it’s neck. A man managed to capture it on his cell phone and you can hear the voice of a woman yelling “call somebody!”.

We’re not sure who to call or why? The bear maybe shouldn’t be in that backyard, but it’s surely only doing what it knows how to do and that’s better than digging in somebody’s trash.

Hopefully the bear dragged the deer off and ate it without being bothered, or who knows who would have been next?

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PJ Cashman

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