The “Bad Ass Slingshot” Takes Down a Shark VIDEO

Slingshot Shark Kill on Video

Catching a shark is a pretty tough endeavor but this guy in the above video takes it to a whole new level. This hunter is able to kill a big shark with none other than the “Bad Ass Slingshot.” The slingshot is a heavy duty one that certainly has some power behind it. They get the shark to come up after a duck and WHAM! Arrow goes in, shark’s on the boat. Check out the Slingshot Shark Kill video and the Bad Ass Slingshot website. 

Bad Ass Slingshot Shark Kill

Bad Ass Slingshot are designed to use normal bow hunting arrows and it turns out these things are serious hunting tools. People hunt with these for hogs, alligators and more. I would bet that you can hunt almost anything that’s legal with one of these.

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PJ Cashman

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