Avex Highland Travel Mug Review

Avex Highland Travel Mug Review

Avex Highland Travel Mug

The Avex Highland Travel Mug is the perfect spill-proof, leak-proof hunting travel mug.

The first rule to having a fun, successful outdoor experience is stay safe. The second, make sure you have hot coffee. Hot coffee is a necessity. It gets you out of bed, keeps you alert and is one of the best ways to start your morning. If you don’t drink coffee while fishing, hunting or doing anything early in the morning, then you’re not a real outdoorsman. Just kidding, just kidding, but seriously, having a good coffee thermos that won’t leak so you smell like java and keeps your drink hot (or cold) for hours is really important to many outdoor lovers. Luckily, the Avex Highland Travel mug works like a charm and keeps your drink hot without leaking your drink so all the deer smell you. Get yours here

Highland Travel Mug Review

Hunting Coffee Thermos

The Highland travel mug is a great thermos for hunting or fishing and is easily accessible.

This double wall, vacuum sealed thermos was built to keep your drink hot for up to five hours and cold for 14. Avex makes all of their products with their patented AUTOSEAL lid with a button lock that makes it impossible to spill or leak. All you do is flip up the switch, push the button and liquid energy is in your mouth steaming hot.

Leak-Proof Coffee Thermos

Leak Proof Coffee mug

The travel coffee mug easily fits in standard cup holders in every vehicle.

I love drinking coffee in my tree stand, on my way to a hunt, on a boat fishing in the morning and generally, anywhere else. I have always used a thermos that you’ve had to pour and thought deer would smell this much easier than a travel mug. I wanted a travel mug that wouldn’t leak on my clothes to make me smell to animals and that I could throw in my pack. This travel mug does the trick.

Avex Coffee Thermos for Hunting

If you need a high-quality travel mug, check out the Avex Highland Travel mug. You can buy it on their website here for only $22.99.

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