Arrow Slingshot Video

Arrow Slingshot Video

I don’t know much about this guy in the video other than he developed the Rambone handle for slingshots and that he’s really into them, but I do know that this contraption is pretty cool. Lately, there has been a lot of innovation in slingshots that can shoot faster, further and different weapons. This one pulls back a staggering 58 pounds and shoots an arrow fast enough to kill a deer. Check it out and click through to learn more.

This arrow slingshot video shows the slingshot attached to a whisker biscuit arrow rest that the arrow is on. The strong rubber bands have a piece of cord for a release that you need to use to shoot it. The slingshot was developed with plenty of space for the rest so that it won’t be hit by the rubber bands and is plenty powerful.

We’ll be adding more soon about some of these slingshots that can shoot arrows and other objects, but let us know if you see anything cool out there!

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