Ameristep Ladder Stand Review: Team Realtree Edition

Ameristep Ladder Stand Review

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Ameristep Ladder Stands are the perfect tree stands for your deer hunt

When it comes time for hunting season, I am one of those guys that needs a tree stand in every spot. Problem is, I’m terrible at being a “mobile hunter” and setting up stands quickly and quietly. This leaves me with two choices, have pre-hung stands, or get out there 3 hours in advance to wake up the woods. I choose option one. Having lots of stands means a lot of money, and unfortunately you can’t hang a Lone Wolf on every tree. The Ameristep Ladder Stand is a great stand for the money though and holds up where others don’t.

Ameristep 16 foot Team Realtree Ladder Stand

I have used lots of stands from all different brands and I’ve had very few that have failed me, but the Ameristep Ladder stand always has me leaving positive reviews and with a comfortable back. The seat is comfortable, offers plenty of room and gives you a sturdy base to sit on. Not only that, but I have plenty of space to move around for the perfect shot.

The Ameristep 16 foot ladder stand in the Team Realtree edition measures 16 feet from the bottom to the shooting rail. It comes with a supportive back rest for all day hunting and features an all-steel construction. It even comes with a full body safety harness to make sure that you don’t wind up on the forest floor.

Next time you’re looking for an affordable ladder stand for your deer hunting spots, check out the Team Realtree Ameristep Ladder Stand.

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