All You Need to Know Before Getting Yourself a Hunting Bow

All You Need to Know Before Getting Yourself a Hunting Bow

All You Need to Know Before Getting Yourself a Hunting Bow

All You Need to Know Before Getting Yourself a Hunting Bow

Hunting is a productive pastime because apart from the adrenaline rush you get when your target is on your line of sight, your physical and your mental shape are trained. As with other hobbies, you need the proper gear and equipment for hunting, such as a bow and arrow. However, with the vast range of options for you to pick from, picking the most suitable gear for your hunting needs may prove to be overwhelming. Hence, Here are some of the things that you need to know before getting yourself a hunting bow:


Eye Dominance

The first thing that you need to know before you go and explore different hunting bows is your eye dominance or your ocular dominance. If you tend to see more clearly with your left eye compared to your right eye, then your left eye is dominant over the other. Often times, your dominant eye is on the same side as your writing hand. Therefore, if you are left-handed, there is a great chance that your dominant eye is your left eye.

You can test your eye dominance by placing your hand at your arm’s length, pressing your thumb and forefinger to create a triangle. Focus on an object and look through this triangle with one eye closed. Your dominant eye will keep the object in your focus centered on the triangle in your hand. If your left eye is dominant, then you should shoot using your left hand.

Draw Length and Weight

An archery store can measure your draw length for you, but you can also ask a friend to help you out. All you need to do is to stand up with both of your arms stretched on your sides. Ask your friend to measure the length from one of your middle fingers to the other in a straight line. Divide this measurement by 2.5 and you get your draw length.

Use this as a basis in getting a hunting bow to avoid purchasing one that is either too short or too long for your draw length. Alex Knobloch, a seasoned hunter behind gave some insight and more information about different types of bows that can suit your draw length. He also gives an insight into the types of bow suitable with your draw weight. Draw weight is simply the weight of the gear that you can carry. In contrast with your draw length, there is no specific formula that can calculate for your draw weight. Thus, it is best to start with the lightest gear that you can find especially if you are a novice to this hobby. Rest assured that the more you use your muscles for hunting, the more accustomed it would be to carry heavier weights. 


These being said, you have probably thought that it is about time to go and find the perfect hunting bow for yourself. In doing so, keep in mind your eye dominance, your draw length, and your draw weight. All these factors will guide you in getting the hunting bow that will suit all your needs as you pursue this new hobby.

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