Albino Buck Shot in Missouri

Albino Buck Shot in Missouri

Albino buck shot in Missouri

This 10 point albino buck was shot and killed in Missouri.

Albino deer are a rarity and many people love to see them and seek them out in states across the country. In my home state of Wisconsin, it is illegal to kill an albino deer, but many states allow it. This particular buck was from Missouri, where it is legal to kill an albino deer. The albino buck pictured above was famous among locals and many hunters passed on killing the deer, until this fall. Jerry Kinnaman took the Great White Buck this past November and it’s a true trophy.

Rare 10 Point Albino Buck Killed

“I gave him a fair shot. He had a good life,” Kinnaman told his local news. “He’s famous. He still will be.”

Albino Buck Shot

Check out the video below to hear more from Kinnaman on his story.

Kinnaman hunted the deer this year and knew that killing it may upset people, but it was a completely legal kill. He had a friend that allowed him to hunt on his property and had asked if he could shoot the buck if presented with a shot a few years ago. His friend told him not to kill it. In recent years though, there were trespassing problems on his property and his friend asked Kinnaman to kill the deer.

“It got so bad that he came back to me and said, `I want you to shoot this deer.”

Albino Buck Killed in Missouri

This is a beautiful deer and a true trophy and I would not argue with anyone’s legal kill.

Earlier this year an 11 year old hunter from Michigan shot a nice 12 point albino buck with a crossbow. 

Legal hunting is just what we said… Legal. There was nothing wrong with this kill and it’s much better than a poacher getting it.

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