Albino Buck Sheds Antlers on Video

Albino Buck Sheds Antlers on Video

I’ve always wanted to see a video of or actually SEE a deer shed it’s antlers, but I never have… until now (maybe). This video shows an albino buck in Wisconsin shed it’s antlers “mostly” on video. The video kind of takes out part of the bucks’ head and you can see the shadow of the deer shaking it’s antlers loose. If this is real, this has got to be not only one of the most rare videos of a deer shedding it’s antlers, but also the coolest. Click through to check it out.

Buck Sheds Antlers on Video

Let us know what you think. Is this video of a buck shedding it’s antlers real or fake? If this is real, then it’s a pretty rare experience and one that definitely won’t be seen again for a long time. Finding sheds is tough enough, but getting the actual “shedding” on video is a whole new ball game.

Shed Antler Video

Have you ever seen a deer shed it’s antlers? Do you think this is a real video?

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