Let it Sing! When to Get Aggressive with Turkey Calling

Aggressive Turkey Calling Tactics

Turkey Hunting Tips

Turkey hunting can be a tough endeavor, but these tips can help.

Turkey hunting tactics vary based on where you are and how the birds are reacting, but there are situations everywhere that require you to go that extra mile with your calls. Many people go overboard with deer hunting calls and I think that staying on the conservative side of that is a good thing, but when it comes to turkeys, there are definitely times to let some air out of your lungs. Read some of these scenarios that require a little bit of extra coaxing to bring that big tom into range with these aggressive turkey calling tactics.

Windy Days

Big winds come often in the spring. While turkeys can hear extremely well, the soft calling just won’t cut it when the wind is howling. When it gets really windy, bring out the box call and make loud, aggressive calls. Box calls are best for loud noises, but mix in a slate or mouth call to keep things interesting.

Flocked Up Toms

When toms get together they can be tough to call, especially if big, dominant toms are keeping the younger ones at bay. Persistent, aggressive calling can often times persuade a tom to come bolting in, or keep him looking for where you at later after they move on.

Too Many Hens

Hens can make or break any hunt, but many times for us hunters, they ruin them. The trick is to bring the girls in and get the boss hen yipping. If you can get the hens yapping, there is a good chance that the big boy will follow.

Toms are Gobbling

If you are calling a lot and the toms are calling back, do not stop. Aggressive calling can work on some days and not others, but if the turkeys are calling back to you, you need to keep it going. While it can be tempting to ease up, stick with what’s working and you’ll be giving a tom a dirt nap.

Last Resort

If a tom is moving away from you, give him all you’ve got. Why not? You’ve got nothing to loss if you’re going to lose the tom either way, so make sure that you don’t go down without a fight. Try all of your calls and keep it going until he either comes in or moves away.

Good luck with your turkey hunt and be sure to submit your kill shots here.

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