Advantages of Climbing Tree Stands

Advantages of Climbing Tree Stands

Advantages of Climber stands

There are many advantages to using a climbing tree stand versus a permanent one and these are the ability to be quiet, mobile and hunt fresh spots more often.

Have you ever thought about using a climbing tree stand  before? The price tag on climbers can scare people away before they ever get the chance to experience a great product. Climbing tree stands have many advantages and once you use one you’ll be hooked. For the past three seasons the only stand I have hunted out of was my climber, which is a Lone Wolf, and I just love the mobility of it.

Mobility is what got me to fall in love with climbing tree stands. The ability to change stand locations at the drop of a hat and be quiet while doing so is a huge plus. Also, being able to hunt a fresh set up every time I go out is another bonus in keeping deer on their toes and keeping the wind at the right spot. The Lone Wolf Climber that I use is made out of lightweight material and it is very easy to carry around, while still being a very strong stand. I’ve had my Lone Wolf for about seven years now and it performs just as good as the day that I bought it.

With climbing tree stands, you will no longer have to worry about your stands getting stolen. I, like many of you, hunt on public land and am not allowed to leave a permanent stand up. The chance of leaving one up and having it stolen is great, so I don’t want to risk it. Stands plus sticks are not cheap but with a climber, you can eliminate buying permanent stands and stay mobile, so you will save money.

Climbers are very easy to set up and with many of them you don’t have to worry about the noise of bashing climbing sticks. It only takes about a minute to be up in a tree and completely secure in a climber, where a hang-on stand takes a good amount of time to get all set up for most people. That being said, you do need to find the right trees for climbing stands.

Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Treestand

Climber stand

Lone Wolf makes a great climbing tree stand that will stand up to years of abuse

If you are looking to become more mobile, quiet, and efficient this fall then it would be worth your time to try out a climbing tree stand. Do not be afraid to invest some money into a good one such as the Lone Wolf sit and climb because it will last you many years and will save you money on many other permanent stands.

What type of stand do you prefer for bow hunting?

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