Adam LaRoche Kills Giant Elk

Adam LaRoche Kills Giant Elk

Adam La Roche Elk

Adam LaRoche shot and killed this giant 12 point elk in Wyoming.

Free agent first-baseman Adam LaRoche has a few months to himself before spring training starts again. While the infielder doesn’t currently have a team after the Nationals passed on his $15 million option, he is not passing up the opportunity to make the news in a big way. Pictured above is a giant 12 point elk that LaRoche managed to shoot with his rifle in Wyoming for his Buck Commander show. The mass on this thing is incredible and it is definitely a gigantic elk.

Wyoming Elk Shot by Adam LaRoche

According to the Buck Commander Instagram page, LaRoche shot this elk in the woods of Wyoming. While he usually likes to use his bow, don’t we all, it was rifle season there and he took this nice one. Former teammate Dan Haren didn’t miss the chance to poke some fun at his friend by calling him out on shooting the animal. He Tweeted: “@e3laroche poor elk, just minding his own business eating some leaves and boom, dead. Atleast you’re having fun.”

Dan Haren on Adam LaRoche Elk

Haren has a history of being coy, and I’m sure he’s just messing with his friend.

LaRoche also owns a ranch in Kansas where last season, he provided the Nationals clubhouse with 800 pounds of hormone free, steroid free and antibiotic free black angus beef every two months. Maybe that’s a pitch that the first baseman can make during free agency?

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