A Rain Suit Built For The Fisherman

Frabill F4 Cyclone Rain Suit

By: Chase LarsonpDSP1-18178159dt

Imagine heading out to your favorite fishing spot in the morning. Then, on your way to the lake you start to listen to the radio. The weather pops on the local station and the weather man says that the day is full of sunshine and a perfect wind for fishing that secret spot. But, when you get to the landing you realize something. Dark clouds are moving in and the wind is starting to pick up. Then it hits. Rain. So much rain, that you run back to your truck only to remember that you don’t even own a rain suit. You traveled all that way for the weatherman to be wrong again… leaving you wishing you had purchased a nice durable rain suit that will keep you dry anytime anywhere. Now, there is a rain suit that will do just that. The F4 Cyclone Rain suit from Frabill. This suit has key features within its innovative design for their jacket and bibs.


The jacket offers the fisherman a nice comfortable feel and fit within its slick and innovative design. The jacket is 100% seam sealed and offers the fisherman a three layer waterproof, windproof, breathable shell that consists of a membrane of 20,000MM Hydrostatic resistance material. What this does is it gives you the ability to be able to go out in any type of weather and be comfortable and dry all day every day. The jacket has convenient pockets with two on the sides and chest. It also offers a pocket on the inside where you can store your sunglasses and other items. The jacket offers a cloth pocket where you can effectively clean your sunglasses. It also has a breathable design where you can adjust every aspect of the jacket. You can fully adjust the waist, neck, hood, and wrists. The neck and hood region has a slick design where there are Velcro straps that cover your face. But, the best part about this design is that when the rain still comes through, the hood won’t catch the water throwing it down your back. It has two holes that allow the rain to flow through with ease. This feature is really helpful when driving your boat in the rain. The wrists also offer a great design feature where its material actually switches from the hydrostatic design to the soft waterproof neoprene material. It gives you a lock tight feel and provides you with great performance.pDSP1-18178165dt


Along with the jacket the bibs are top of the line when factoring in quality and functionality. The bibs offer you comfort with their three layer waterproof, windproof, breathable shell as well as the 20,000MM hydrostatic material. All zippers are water resistant which are identical to the jacket with 100% sealable seams. The bibs come with internal knee pads that are equipped with rugged nylon. Each side of the pant leg offers a fully adjustable zipper for ease as well as a velcro strap to offer a lock tight feel for any type of footwear. There are D-rings that provide you with the ability to attach different tools and to attach your kill switch. The bibs have two key features that make them stand out from everyone else. These three features include, having a secondary lining within the jacket to back up any excess water running through; an adjustable waist and shoulder strap to fit the user perfectly every time; and finally, the ability of having two false pockets for easy access into your jeans or shorts pockets.

The Frabill F4 Cyclone suit offers complete protection for every outdoor situation. If you are looking to not have rain stop you’re fishing adventures, this is the best most durable suit on the market. With having a suit such as this one, you will have the ability to stay out longer and be more comfortable when you find that school of fish on that rainy day. Be sure to check out Frabill and there line of rain gear at http://www.frabill.com/.


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