A Day Of Shooting Foam

The Rinehart R100


Shooters at the Rinehart R-100

Have you ever wanted to shoot in one of the greatest archery events? Well here’s your chance! The Rinehart R100 is a nationwide archery shoot that consists of either a one day or two day course. You shoot upwards of 50 to 100 life size targets, all ranging different distances with different animals.

There’s two different sections of the course which are North American game and African Safari. The fun starts Saturday: 7:30 am registration, 9:00 am Milk Jug Pre-Qualifier, 1:00 pm close of registration, 2:00 pm Dirty Dozen shoot.

But, if you are looking to only shoot for one day, Sunday might just be the day to go and here’s why. A 7:30 to 10:30 registration time, 12:00 pm Milk Jug Pre-Qualifier wrap up, then the Milk Jug shoot at 1:00, a wrap up of the course at 2:00 pm, along with a 2:30 Iron Buck Challenge at 50 yards and raffles/awards at 3:00.

With hundreds of people of all ages, coming from everywhere, the shoot seems to be more so an “enjoy the day, make friends, and shoot” kind of day, which makes everything more relaxing than a standard archery competition.


Life size giraffe target

There are also different classes of shooters you can sign up for:

  • Cub, Just For Fun
  • Mens Hunter
  • Mens Open Unlimited
  • Mens Traditional
  • Womens Open Unlimited
  • Womens Hunter
  • Womens Traditional
  • Youth

These areas categorize what area you want to shoot in for the duration of the course. You can sign up and pre-register online or pay and register on the day of shoot.

Concessions and camping are also available. So, if you and your friends plan on shooting the two days, the fun doesn’t stop, because everyone camps for the night or stops at a hotel close by.


Shooters enjoying the day at the R100

Overall, if you are an avid hunter, target shooter, or traditional sportsman this shoot is a great way to get out and enjoy the day with great company and shoot some foam!

For Pre-Registration and more information click here.

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