5 Tips to Get Better at Shed Hunting

5 Tips to Get Better at Shed Hunting

Shed Hunting Tips

These 5 Tips to Get Better at Shed Hunting will help you find more antlers.

Let’s face it, whitetail hunters get depressed in the winter, especially after the Super Bowl. Theres not much going on besides predator hunting between January and March, unless you shed hunt. Shed hunting has boomed in popularity in the last few years and is a sport of it’s own. There are competitions, insane finds and clubs made just to promote this sport. There is even a record book. If you want to learn how to be a better shed hunter and have a reason to get off the couch in February and March, we’re here to help you out. Keep reading to find 5 Tips to Get Better at Shed Hunting. You can also participate in #ShedRally, the world’s largest shed hunt in March.

1. Scout for Deer

Hunters scout for deer to try to kill them, so why wouldn’t you find deer to find antlers? Where there is food, there are horns, so find the winter feeding and you’ll find antlers, as long as you beat your neighbor. Deer live near the wintering grounds where they don’t have to travel hard for food, especially in cold, snowy states, so make sure that you find those standing crops and feeding grounds. Another good spot is a south facing hill side. In hilly country, bucks bed here in the sun in the afternoon and it can lead to a dynamite spot for sheds.

2. Trail Cameras

If you are still running your trail cameras, this can help you know when your bucks lose their antlers. If you have consistent deer on camera, and you see the antlers fall, there is a good chance you’ll be able to find it. Also, use the cameras to scout new areas where you can find antlers near food and bedding areas.

5 Tips to Get Better at Shed Hunting

Find friends that are experienced to learn how to find more antlers

3. Go with Experienced Shed Hunters

Some people have an eye for sheds, plain and simple. These people can teach you a lot about finding antlers and will help you become better. Even if you have to give him all the antlers you find, it can be a valuable learning tool and one that will help you out. Have your partner call you over before they pick up any sheds and make you find them first. It will help you recognize the way antlers look on the ground.

4. Get Walking

Finding sheds is tough work and you will need to cover a lot of ground. It’s great exercise and can help you get in shape for the spring. Sometimes though, walking isn’t enough. If you’re looking to cover some more ground such as fields and open areas, a good pair of binoculars and an ATV will save you a lot of time and can put more bone in your backpack.

5. K9 Companion

Teach a dog! Dogs that can learn to find shed antlers are becoming more and more common and what better partner to have in the field than man’s best friend! If you have the time to train one, and the money to purchase one, consider getting a shed antler dog. You won’t regret it.

Find out more about shed hunting such as when deer drop their antlers  and the best times to start finding sheds.

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