5 Things You May Not Have Known About Coyotes

5 Things You May Not Have Known About Coyotes

Things you may not know about coyotes

Coyotes may look like wolves but are quite different. They are one of the most clever animals out in the wild. Everyone knows that they have a heightened sense of smell and enjoy eating smaller animals like rabbits and other rodents. However, did you know that:

They communicate well with each other

Coyotes are quite communicative with one another. Like wolves, they may travel in packs and communicate through sounds. Depending on the situation they may howl, bark, wail, squeal, growl, or even make high-pitched cries. Each sound has its own distinct meaning. If you are out in the wild it is likely you may hear them either at dawn or dusk. If you want to get their attention and respond to you, you may consider using a fire whistle or a siren. They respond to those quite well at almost anytime of the day.

They have a keen eye for predators

What do you do when you try to sneak by someone? Most of us when we try to go undetected walk on our toes. Well so do coyotes. These smart animals have a keen sense of smell and eyesight which helps in detecting predators. Once, they spot a predator they go into stealth mode and walk on their toes so they go undetected.

They can swim

In the wild, coyotes main predators are bears and wolves. Humans are also climbing up the predator list as coyote hunting has become quite common. To escape from their predators coyotes employ swimming as a tactic and they do it quite well. This allows them to use a body of water to separate themselves from their predator as bears and wolves tend to not be the best of swimmers.

They can outrun you

Coyotes are no cheetahs but they are pretty fast. Coyotes can run up to 40 miles per hour (mph). Compare that to an average human speed which tops at 28 mph, coyotes are pretty fast. Their speed allows them to run from predators and catch smaller preys. They use different panting techniques to ensure that they can run in bursts when needed and for longer runs they regulate their speeds well. However, you won’t find coyotes run for a longer period of time too much.

They eat fruits and vegetables too

Coyotes are omnivores, they enjoy their meat along with vegetables, berries, and fruits. They diet is quite wholesome and consists of a lot of fruits and berries they can find in the wild along with meat. Vegetables are fairly harder for them to find in the wild but they eat them also whenever they come across them. You can find out more about what coyotes eat here.

There is a reason why coyotes are considered to be one of the most smartest animals. They adapt well to their environment and approach their daily matters in a clever way. This allows them to smartly catch their preys while also evade their predators.

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