5 Redneck Tree stands

5 Redneck Tree stands

hillbilly deer hunting stand

These five tree stands are not safe, not even close. They are also some of the most hill-billy, redneck tree-stands we’ve ever seen. We are guessing that whoever built these wore some serious flannel and maybe even have a confederate flag on their trucks. In all seriousness though, here are 5 Redneck Tree Stands. 

Hop in the Short Bus

redneck tree stand

Here’s to the short bus. tiger droppings.com

Camo Trailer Redneck Tree Stand

camo redneck deer stand

This is a serious camo deer stand. I can imagine some friends building something like this in their marsh. Courtesy of Bowsite.com

Redneck Deer Stand on the Ground

Redneck Deer tree stand

Why watch the ground when all the squirrels are up in the tree? Courtesy of Fast Tech

Safest Redneck Tree Stand Ever

Safest Redneck Tree Stand

Let’s put a camper on top of these stilt ladders, that’s a great idea! Or not, since this looks like the worst idea ever… and possibly the most unsafe. Blue Dragon Redneck

Adjustable Hill Billy Tree Stand



hillbilly deer hunting stand

This hill billy deer hunting stand is not for the faint of heart. You can adjust up and down and tow it wherever you need to. Brilliant! YouTube

Hopefully you enjoyed these redneck tree stands and please, if you have something that you think is more hill billy than these, send it our way.
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