5 Need-To-Know Packing Tips for Outdoor Adventures

5 Need-To-Know Packing Tips for Outdoor Adventures

When hiking or on any other outdoor activities, it is necessary to take a few essential items along for safety and comfort. You would unquestionably require a few things to make your adventure more comfortable, but you would also need to consider a few handy items in case of an emergency. In this article, you will learn five essentials to pack to be prepared for the outdoors.

1.  Backpacks

When packing for hiking, biking, water sports, winter sports, camping or backpacking ensure that the items mentioned below are packed in your backpack as you would need these items regardless of the adventure you are embarking on.


Use a waterproof bag to ensure that all your essentials are protected, pack extra layers of clothes particularly if you are travelling in winter, bring a few refuse bags along as well to place your garbage into and keep the environment beautiful and clean. Take handy items along that you will need along the trail, like rain protection, extra water bottles or a filtration device to keep your bag lighter, a portable charger if possible, snacks, an excellent knife, sunblock, and of course a sleeping bag.


2.  Your Headlamp

If you are out after dark, bringing a headlamp with a few extra batteries will come in very handy and is essential for any outdoor adventure as you do not want to rely on your phone.If you need to use both your hands for an activity, headlamps are a hands-free way to see in the dark, and you would need to save your phone’s battery, especially if you are using it for navigation. However, a flashlight could work well too if you do not have a headlamp.



3.  Adequate Stock of Food

We cannot say no to a tasty trailside treat. You will need to bring plenty of high-calorie snacks to fuel yourself for your adventure. Consider packing granola bars, trail mix, or peanut butter sandwiches. In a hotter or humid environment, you would want to pack plenty of salty foods. Having extra snacks will go a long way to boost and keep you energized.



4.  Navigation Tools

Make sure that you do not leave home without a navigation device. It would also be beneficial to learn how to find your way without using your phone, and having an extra map is never a bad idea. Below are a few other navigation tools for you to consider.


A GPS device with your route loaded or have a GPS app on your phone. Download and save your route before heading on your adventure as you might not have reception, but if the map has been downloaded, satellites will be able to find your position.



5.  First Aid Kit

Unforeseen accidents occur all the time in the outdoors; that is why it is advantageous to have a first aid kit. Remember to check your first aid kit at least once a year and replace any expired items. Consider these few items to include in your outdoor first aid kit.


Ensure that you pack antiseptic wipes, first aid gloves, tweezers, band-aids of various sizes, gauze, athletic tape, and pain relievers. It is also essential to pack pain, allergy medication and medication for a cold, including any emergency medication that you could need, such as an inhaler or epi-pen. Overall, these essentials are the basics to have a great experience in the outdoors. From beginners to experts, everyone should pack these items for any outdoor adventures.


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