5 Key Benefits of POE Technology For Barns and Outbuildings

5 Key Benefits of POE Technology For Barns and Outbuildings

Find out how POE lighting can easily illuminate your unused storage space

If you are interested in turning a barn or large outdoor storage space into a well lit workspace, you’ll definitely want to learn about POE lighting. Using smart technology, POE lighting is able to turn large dark spaces into bright and efficiently operating outbuildings. When you use POE lighting to renovate your space, you also get the advantage of enhanced safety, easy installation, and intelligent data transfer. Before we get too involved in the benefits of POE lighting, let’s find out what POE is and how it works.

What Exactly Is POE Lighting?

Let’s learn about how POE lighting has improved large scale lighting projects from start to finish

Only recently are ethernet cords used for lighting projects.

Before we get into the details of how POE lighting can transform your storage space, we should first define what POE stands for. POE refers to Power over Ethernet, which means that Ethernet cords are used to transmit information and power to large scale lighting installations. Many people have used Ethernet cords to establish internet connection before the days of wireless. It hasn’t been until recently that Ethernet cords are used to power lighting. Now as LED lights are more energy efficient than ever, one Ethernet cord can carry enough power to control several individual lighting fixtures.

Not only can Ethernet cords now power several LED lights, they can also power valuable tools for those looking to convert barn space into work space. For example, Ethernet cords can also be used to power and transmit data to and from security cameras, door locks, and movement sensors.

How Does POE Work Differently Than Other Lighting Systems?

Now that we know what POE’s capabilities, let’s learn a bit more about how this technology works

Unlike electrical cords, ethernet cords can carry data to and from the hub.

Despite the tasks that POE systems are capable of performing, the technology is actually fairly simple. All fixtures controlled by POE are connected to a single hub. The hub receives data and power and then transmits it to the individual devices. Once several fixtures are connected to the network, the hub begins to receive information reported from the devices. When the information is received, each device is assigned an IP address. Since each device has its own IP address the device settings are easily customizable.

Now that we’ve learned about what makes POE lighting unique, it’s time to find out how they can specifically benefit your dark or unused outdoor storage space. Let’s get into it!

1.   POE Lighting Can Turn a Dark Outdoor Storage Space Into Usable Workspace

Optimize and illuminate your unused space with POE lights

Lighting capabilities are endless with POE technology.

When you decide to install a POE lighting system for your outbuilding or barn, you are benefiting all who work in the building and making your workspace much safer. With a safer, more efficient workspace, you can be sure that you are using your space to its maximum potential. Optimal lighting is one of the most difficult things to achieve in large spaces, but with POE lighting the process is made simple and straightforward. You never know what you can accomplish with the right lighting.

2.   Operating POE Lighting Is Cost Effective

Choosing POE lighting saves you money over other methods

Avoid overpaying on your electricity bills with POE technology.

No one wants to spend more money on lighting than they need to. Expenses can really pile up when it comes to large scale lighting projects like the ones we are discussing. POE lighting is significantly cheaper than electrical work and doesn’t compromise any of the power you expect from traditional electrical lighting. Not only is installation less expensive, POE lighting is also much more efficient in the long run, saving you money on energy bills.

3.   Low Voltage Makes for Safe and Easy Installation

Safer Installation makes for faster installation with minimal hassle

POE lighting low voltage operation is key to its safety.

Unlike traditional electrical lighting, POE lighting operates at a much lower voltage level. A lower voltage level means that the chance of an electrical accident during installation or repair is greatly diminished. Operating at less than 60 volts, installing POE lights requires fewer precautions like conduit or metal cladding and is much less expensive to install.

4.   No Interruptions or Signal Loss

Unlike wireless connections, POE system has a consistent stable connection

Ethernet has the distinct advantage of being hard wired as opposed to wireless.

Wireless connections, though convenient, are often open to disruptions. By using an Ethernet cord, you can eliminate the potential for disruptions and confidently connect security devices to your POE system. Along with your lighting system, you can use POE to install security cameras, motion detectors, and even automatic locks on your space all thanks to an Ethernet connection.

5.   Two Way Data Transfer

POE offers the chance to collect information and optimize energy output

Ethernet cables can gather information from security cameras and many other devices.

When you think about lighting a barn or an outbuilding, data transfer capability might not be the first thing you consider. However, data transfer through an ethernet cord makes it possible for POE controlled devices to communicate with the hub and optimize power usage. This data transfer is what allows POE systems to control locks and security cameras in addition to large scale lighting projects.


Now that we’ve learned the basics of POE systems and POE lighting, it’s time to find out if it’s the right option for your unused outbuilding or barn. Sometimes all it takes is an efficient lighting system to transform something obsolete into an efficient workspace.






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