3 Ways to Catch Deep Summer Walleye

3 Ways to Catch Deep Summer Walleye

3 ways to catch mid-summer walleye

These three tips on how to catch deep, mid-summer walleyes will put more fish in your live well.

Mid-summer doesn’t mean that you have to stop fishing for walleyes, it just means that you may have to go a little deeper and work a bit smarter, not harder. Use these tips for three new ways to catch deep summer walleye.

Torpedo Divers


Torpedo divers are a great way to troll for big walleyes in the mid-summer heat. You can easily calculate the depth with these divers and base it on the trolling speed too. Simply troll with the line about 50 feet off of the boat and add a sinker to the lure so that it’ll get down a little quicker. Attach a planer board and drop these bad boys to about 60 feet on a deep lake and adjust on a shallower one and you should hit some decent fish.

Bottom Bouncers

Bottom bouncers are another great way to get deep on big summer walleyes. A heavy bouncer (4-8 ounces) get deep quickly and are very easy to fish. When you attach them to planer boards, you can throw in multiple lines very simply. Be sure to check your depth based on the speed of your boat. On deeper lakes these work best to fish at about 20-40 feet and closer to the bottom.

Wire Line Fishing

Fishing wire line is an easy way to fish deep with small lures and, according to many anglers, the sum of the wire is what really attracts the fish. Wire cuts through the water very precisely so that you can hit the same spot on each trolling pass. Try using wire line with your favorite smaller lures at around 40-60 feet and you’ll be surprised what big walleyes you can target.

Be sure to send in you big walleye pictures on your next fishing trip.

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