Killing Big Bucks with Less: 3 Tips on Hunting Small Properties

Killing Big Bucks with Less: 3 Tips on Hunting Small Properties

Killing big bucks on small properties

You can kill a big buck on a small property by using these tips on how to hunt small properties for big deer.

Most people don’t hunt big, managed properties. It’s just the way it is. While there are plenty of people who get out on giant parcels of public land, many hunters have permission on or own, small farm lots, wood lots and wetlands. While many of us dream of one day owning our own tract of land that we can manage and hunt, we can still capitalize on small properties. Use these three tips on hunting small properties this season to put down bruiser bucks that call these lots home.

How to Hunt Deer on Small Properties

Scout Smart

deer hunting small properties

Hunting big bucks on small properties is no easy task but you can kill mature deer on any property so long as you put the time inand be smart about it.

Hunting small properties doesn’t mean that you won’t shoot big bucks, it just means you have to be smart about how you hunt. Scouting is very important on smaller properties, both summer and before green up. If you have access to your property in the late winter, make sure that you walk all over it and figure out the routes that deer use to move from bedding to feeding. You’ll also want to know where they bed and if that bedding area is on your property.

Summer scouting will show you if there is a buck on your property that is big enough to shoot. If you can figure out if a buck is living on or using your property then this can help pinpoint where his travel routes are for an early season hunt. Learning everything you can about how the deer move on your property will give you valuable information in October and November.

Don’t Over-Hunt

If you only have one or two properties to hunt and they’re both smaller, make sure to not over hunt them. Every time that you go into your property to hunt, you are alerting deer that you are there both during and after the hunt. If you can save the spots that you want to hunt in your properties for the perfect times, with the perfect wind directions, you’ll be making your chances much better.

Save your morning hunts for late October and later and watch for cold fronts. Some of the best evening and morning hunts come right during and before a cold front.

Keep Records

If you’re hunting your own property or one that you think you’ll have access to for several years, keep good records. I am a big believer in keeping a hunting journal marking down temperatures, wind directions, dates, deer seen and any unusual patterns that they used. Over time, you’ll have a wealth of information available that you can notice patterns on. Seeing dates that deer do certain things in your area is very important. One of the key pieces of information that I have found is when the rut starts in certain areas and if it’s earlier, or later, than in other parts close.

Any information that you can have at your disposal could prove invaluable this year or in the future.

Don’t worry if you don’t have hundreds of private acres to hunt and manage. You can kill giant, mature deer anywhere you just have to be smart and put the time in.

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