3 Great Bear Hunting Tips

3 Great Bear Hunting Tips

3 Great Bear Hunting Tips

These 3 Great Bear Hunting Tips will help you find and kill more big black bears this fall.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about bear hunting before the fall hunt that I’ll be going on in September, but I’m working on trying to pick up as much knowledge as I can before then. That being said, there are a few tips that I’ve come across from countless bear experts, hunting forums and other hunting publications. Check out these 3 great bear hunting tips to learn more.

Pay Attention to the Critters

As we all know, while hunting in the woods, we see plenty of other small creatures scurrying around. There have been thousands of times I’ve had a squirrel running around that fooled me for a deer, but these animals can actually serve as a warning sign for a big bear. When bears work their way into your stand location, many times squirrels and birds will take off and make noise to get out of their way.

If you hear the animals get lost and the woods get quiet, pay attention, there just may be a big bear coming in quietly.

Stay Silent

Bears do not have the best eyes in the world, but their noses are top notch. Bears expect to smell people by bait piles, but they can also tell when there is a person nearby. While a bear may wind you and wander off, don’t panic. Sometimes, these bears will come back thinking you left the bait pile so you need to stay silent.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is if a bear leaves and the hunter moves around and makes noise. Many times, these bears will circle back in and if you stay silent and motionless, you’ll get a shot at them.

Know the Size

We’ve talked before about using a downed tree to judge a bear’s size, but there are other size references you can use as well. Knowing the size of trees, bait barrels and other landmarks can help you judge the bears size too, but what do you do if none of that is available?

One tip to know how large a black bear is is to look at the bear’s stride. If the bear is swaying side to side in a type of swagger, you can assume that it’s a larger bear. Look for the fat swaying and the ground padding, and you can tell that a big bruin is walking in.

Another good indication is the size of the belly. While a young bear may be tall, looking at how fat it is is important as well. A leaner stomach indicates a younger bear, while a potbelly with thick legs shows that the bear is older.

Hopefully these tips will help you find and take down a big black bear this fall when you’re bear hunting.

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