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Benefits to self-filming your hunt

By: Chase Larson

For many hunters, being able to enjoy nature’s gifts and spend time with family and friends are the key to a memorable hunt. And for many years the enjoyment, fulfillment, and overall emotions of that day are shared through a photograph and the memories of the people that experienced it. When I was a young boy barely able to walk, my father would strap me on his back, taking me through the tall grasses and vast wide-open plains of Kansas, searching for sign of deer, pheasant and possible goose/duck hunting spots for the up and coming season. Throughout my childhood my dad and I put on some miles creating thousands of memories that we both will always cherish and never forget. And with having so many of these memories, it usually would always end with a photograph.

As the years went by and the stack of pictures grew to an outrageous amount, my father had discovered another option to enjoy and share our memories together. This was through a video camera. So, after I was old enough to get my hunter safety license my dad already accumulated a stack of video cassette tapes of all of his duck hunts with his two favorite hunting buddies from Kansas. Nothing would compare to the reliving, seeing, and feeling of emotion when that moment would unfold every time one of those video cassette tapes were played. It put you back into that hunt, hearing the laughter, jokes, and funny moments spread around the duck blind and tree stand.

This lead to both my dad and I hooked to not only bringing the essential hunting gear to the blind; but to adding in the video camera so we could have the opportunity to relive and document our hunting adventures together. Well, now having over ten years of hunting adventures and a lot funny moments documented, you could say the memories of viewing these hunts are always going to be something special. But, for us the funny moments and adventures were just a bonus.

My dad and I are very avid hunters and outdoorsmen. I was born and raised around hunting, fishing, and having the guidance of gaining the knowledge to respect the land and everything that lives within it. Being an ethical hunter is something my dad and I were ingrained with from generations of hunters in the family. We are always pushing ourselves to become better outdoorsman, and through that we are always up for a challenge. With having the opportunity to hunt with a camera at our side, my dad and I always loved the challenge it brought to the table in all sorts of different hunting situations. With being a bowhunter the challenge of the hunt is very tough with all sorts of factors. The most important factor in any hunting situation is movement. You have to have knowledge and skill to drawback and move when necessary in order to become successful. But, using a camcorder adds a whole new level to the challenge of bowhunting.

Not only do you have the challenge of drawing back and moving yourself around the blind or stand when necessary, but you have a camcorder that you have to make sure you turn on, hit record, as well as move in order to orientate it in the right direction to capture that moment on film. But, if you are successful, the outcome of reliving that moment will always be there for as long as you live. Capturing that moment is also a very helpful tool in the world of bowhunting. Both of us have benefited greatly to having the ability of replaying the footage of the shot to identify where the shot placement was and determining how long to wait to recover the animal. There will always be times when a hunter is unsure of a shot; but having a tool like a camcorder to review and playback as many times as you want greatly increases your chance of making the right decision to pursue or wait on the animal.

Overall, having the ability to use a camcorder as a tool, and to have the ability to relive those moments in an interactive more personal way is something that every hunter should look into and consider. For me, I will always but on some rare occasions, take my camcorder into the stand with me. I will be able to relive that moment and share that with my kids someday; which for me is something way more important rather than showing them just a picture. But, with the added challenge to the hunt, the amazingly helpful tool that it is, and the ability to capture the memories, moments, and raw emotion on camera is something that will always appeal to both my dad and I. People say pictures are worth a thousand words, but for a hunter’s video clips, they are priceless. For any hunter taking the leap into the world of film, don’t forget to hit record!


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