3 Best Baits for Spring Crappie Fishing

3 Best Baits for Spring Crappie Fishing

3 Best Baits for Spring Crappie Fishing

See the 3 Best Baits for Spring Crappie Fishing so that you can hammer giant slabs this year.

Spring crappie fishing can produce some of the biggest slabs of the season. With all of the different baits and plastics out there though, it can be tough to decide what the best one to use is. Sometimes, the best idea is to keep it simple, so we’ve help outline three of the best baits for spring crappie fishing that will suit all of your needs. 

Spring Crappie Spawning Baits

Paddle Tail

When casting for big crappie, there is nothing better than a paddle tail. Casting this bait over brush piles or tall grass and then slowly retrieving it will produce a lot of action that these big crappie can not resist in the spring.

Shad Tail

When vertical fishing and jigging, shad tails work extremely well. Grab a shad tail and have it fall quickly with a very light weight on it. Sitting over brush or weeds is a great spot to use this bait and it works better than casting it.

A 1/32 ounce head is ideal, but if you need to up it to a 1/16 that is over too. Just make sure the bait is getting into the cover where the fish are at.

Curl Tail

Curl tails are some of the best baits traditionally for panfish, especially crappie. Casting along grass edges and slow reeling are good ways to fish this bait. The curly tail is sure to get hungry crappie’s attention and long casts are the ticket here.

Trolling with curl tails is another way to fish this bait. When spring crappie are spawning on the grass beds, dropping the speed and bouncing this bait is a perfect strategy to catch these fish.

Use these tips to catch a pile of slab crappies this spring and fill up your fish fryers!

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