British Horse Racing History, Does Hunting Have a Part to play?

British Horse Racing History, Does Hunting Have a Part to play?


Between 1660 and 1685, the second most popular spectator sport in Britain today, horse racing, began its rise to mass popularity when the first official race meeting took place at what is now known as the home of flat racing, Newmarket. In its beginnings, races were contested between just two horses. It wasn’t until the early 1700s that this changed when several horses began to compete in races. It was also around this time that betting on horse racing began. Continue Reading

Public Land For Trophy Deer

Public Land Offers Ample Opportunity For Trophy Deer

By: Pat Kalmerton

The phrase “there is nowhere to hunt” is nonsense – yet it rings out all over the United States from hunters of all ages and genders. Investing time to research and discover public areas to pursue hunting adventures yields pleasant surprises! There are acres of opportunities that lie behind open gates. Continue Reading


The Second Saturday

By: Joe Jankowski

I slow my breath and concentrate so intensely as to see the individual hairs behind the shoulder of the animal.  My crosshairs settling in as I hold…one more easy exhale…The unknowing squirrel scurries across the branch and launches itself to the next oak.  I slowly hang my rifle back onto the holder and I ease myself back down onto the seat of my stand and finish the last couple bites of my lunch. Continue Reading

The True Meaning Of Hunting

The 500,000 Friends You Haven’t Met

By: Tyler Lomibao

As the old saying goes, “It’s that time of year again!” This weekend marks one of the biggest holidays of the year. No, it’s not a Hallmark holiday. It’s opening weekend of Wisconsin’s gun deer season! I will join you all as 1 of the roughly 500,000 hunters that will watch the Saturday sun rise dressed in blaze orange. Continue Reading