Remembering Little Lake: Butte Des Morts



     Most people who live in the Fox River Valley in eastern-central Wisconsin do not realize there is a lake on the Fox River between Green Bay and Lake Winnebago. It actually isn’t much of lake and no more than a widening out of the Fox River so perhaps that is why it is overlooked by many people.

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Hit and Run Perch

Hit and Run Perch

By: Jason Mitchell 

Schools of perch often seem to continually be on the move. When there are several mouths to feed, sitting in one location doesn’t work. A school of perch can devour everything in its path. I would hate to be a minnow or crawfish when jumbo and all of his friends roll through. Because schools of perch are typically here today and gone tomorrow because of their nomadic lifestyle, finding and getting on top of fish can be always fleeting.  Continue Reading

Invading the Midwest

Spin-n-Glos: Invading the Midwest for Walleye 

By Captain Pat Kalmerton 

When fishing the Midwest for walleye there is always a “must have” in every angler’s arsenal.  However, those “must haves” are changing ever so rapidly it is hard to keep up with what is new on the market yet actually works. Sometimes there are those hidden jewels that have been around for years that maybe couldn’t be found in your area, therefore, you would have no idea what they are or if they work.  Continue Reading

How to Score Great Deals on Rural Real Estate

How to Score Great Deals on Rural Real Estate in the hunting world.

How to Score Great Deals on Rural Real Estate

How to Score Great Deals on Rural Real Estate

Real Estate isn’t cheap, but there are ways to score great deals if you know what to look for. Whether you’re looking for farmland, land to hunt and fish on, or to build a vacation getaway, having a strategy in place will help. There are also precautionary measures you’ll need to take in order to get a great bargain. The following advice will help you find the land you want, at a sweet price. Continue Reading