5 Tips to Make you a Better Bowhunter

5 tips to make you a better bow hunter

5 tips to be a better bowhunter

These 5 tips will help improve your skills and make you a better bow hunter

Each deer season, a lot of people take off work, put off social events and change their entire lives for a few weeks so they can go deer hunting. Sadly, many of these people return home with nothing to show for their time except stories and excuses. Many of which get changed from the real facts. You should have fun and learn through hunting. The following are 5 Tips To Make You A Better Bow Hunter: Continue Reading

Monster Buck Shot in Waupaca County- User Submission

Monster Buck Shot in Waupaca County- User Submission

Gary Christian buck

Gary Christian shot this buck in Waupaca County, Wisconsin on October 21, 2016. It scored 177 5/8 inches.

Gary Christian set off on a late October hunt looking for a buck and he got to encounter two nice ones, but only one stayed in the woods. On October 21, Gary set off with his video camera and bow and was able to grunt in this monster buck. It was accompanied by a large 10 pointer as well, but Gary picked out the bigger one and took a shot. Continue Reading

A Hunting Trophy

On The Track

By: Joe Sibley120108-013

Want a sure way to harvest a mature whitetail buck this year? Track one down by using a technique that I’ve been perfecting over the past 14 years. While I can’t promise the harvesting part, I can promise that if you find the track of a mature buck and follow it, you will be in for an exciting and rewarding adventure. I continue working on my techniques because tracking is a process that is learned over a lifetime not a weekend. Being able to walk quietly, read sign and shoot quickly and accurately under pressure are a must for success. Continue Reading

The Trophy Buck

The Trophy

By: Tony Blandophoto

My parents live in a nice house on a stunning piece of property situated along the Bark River in Delafield. There is much to love about this abode and the several acres it sits on. The outside has a beautiful river for grandkids to frolic and fish on hot summer days.  The inside boasts a large recreation and trophy room with ample space for family gatherings, a bar with a keg on tap and a pool table.  I know what you’re thinking: Why would anyone ever leave?


In addition to countless fish, the “trophy” room includes a dozen deer shoulder mounts and more than 50 mounted racks, some of them two or three to a single plaque.  That ought to give you an idea of just how “massive” some of those bucks were.

Continue Reading

The Day Pack for Everything Outdoors

Slumberjack Hone Day Pack Review

SJK Hone Pack Review

The Slumberjack Hone day pack is an essential tool for bow hunting and gun hunting day trips.

Hunters and outdoor lovers find themselves carrying all kinds of gear. Now, whether it’s necessary or not is beside the point, but it’s nice to have a place to put it. A quality day pack like the Slumberjack Hone Day Pack is a great tool for carrying your hunting gear on a bow hunt, shed hunting in the mountains, or just having some storage for an all day hike. You can ever fit a quarter of an animal in this thing! The Slumberjack Hone Day Pack review shows all the features and options this back pack can give to you. Continue Reading

High-Tech Accessories to Help Make Your Next Fishing Trip a Success

High-Tech Accessories to Help Make Your Next Fishing Trip a Success

fishing tech gadgets

New technology for fishermen can be both a good and a bad thing.

Russian fisherman Semyon Konev made international news earlier this month when he caught a fish with a drone less than a minute after making his first attempt. After hearing about the technique online, Konev went to a local reservoir, attached a bait line to the powerful drone for fishing, spotted a school of fish and flew the drone over the water. Within 30 seconds, the float dipped into the water; Konev then flew the drone upwards to pull in his catch. While drone fishing remains controversial for the advantage it gives anglers, it serves to illustrate how high-tech fishing has become. Here are a few other high-tech fishing gadgets. Continue Reading

How Deer Survive Hunting Season

White-tailed Deer Utilizes Keen Senses To Survive During Hunting Season

PUBLISHED: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28 AT 4:30 AM Watertown Daily Times100_3060

White-tailed deer, especially mature ones, have a knack for evading hunters. While some hunters attribute this elusive ability to the animal’s sixth sense, the reality is that the whitetail’s keen senses account for the animal’s woodland wizardry.

Today’s column takes a closer look at these sensory abilities that allow deer to elude hunters during the hunting season and to elude other predators and dangers throughout the year. Continue Reading