A Black Bear Story

The Biggest Bear I’ve Ever Shot

 By: Mike Jamesmikes Bear (2)

The story starts with my annual ritual of sending off our group’s spring turkey hunting choices…and the addition of another point for my bear hunting permit. The plan was to apply for my bear kill permit when my son was done playing high school soccer therefore giving me more time to pursue Ursus Americanus.  And 2014 turned out to be the year.  With the 10 points accumulated in my account, I was assured of a kill permit regardless of the area I chose to hunt, but that was a foregone conclusion. Of course, I would hunt near our family’s cabin south of highway 8 in Rusk County—zone C. No dog-chasing bears during our bear hunt, but as we soon found out, a number of other baiters were in our chosen area. Continue Reading

A Versatile, Travel Shoe for Any Environment: Crosskix

Crosskix Shoe Review

Crosskix Shoe Review

Crosskix are some of the best shoes for travel and work wonders in a variety of situations.

Packing can be a pain. Figuring out what you’re doing on your trip, what you need, what you don’t need and what is absolutely essential is key. One of the handiest things to do when vacationing and packing is finding items that work well for many different situations. Crosskix are the shoes for any situation. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, crossing a stream, flyfishing on a river or sand bar, or mud mountain biking, these shoes can handle it all.  Continue Reading

Trophy Trout Anyone?


By: Capt. Lee Haasch

Lee's Lake Trout 1

Captain Lee shows an early spring Lake Michigan trophy Lake Trout. Tipping just over 25# it was a great fight and after a few photos was released to grow and give yet another angler a thrill.

Springtime signals the beginning of open water fishing and with the late start to winter and abundance of rain last fall, 2016 will see another early start to one of the best times of the year for trout!  Last fall was a tremendous season for stream fishing with near record rains right up until Christmas. The increased water that stream anglers received from Santa meant high water levels and rivers full of trout! Continue Reading

The Rewards Of Fishing Vintage

Fishing Vintage Gear5

I collect old fishing equipment. I guess it started when my grandmother gave me my grandfather’s gear after he died. He left me about half a dozen old rods with metal level wind casting reels, his old tackle box and his deer hunting rifle. This was shortly before I joined the Army and left on what would become a twenty year career. During those years I moved ten times but through all those moves I kept grandfather’s old gear. Continue Reading