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Mountain Mike’s Soaps and Lip Balm

Mountain Mike's Soap Review

Mountain Mike’s carries a full line up of outdoor smelling soaps and lip balms.

The outdoors are fun and nothing makes you feel more alive, but they can also be messy. Men need the spirit of the wild to thrive in their native environment, but that doesn’t mean that when they’re done they can’t clean up. If you’re an outdoor lover who wants to come in from the outdoors and not use any sissy smelling flower soaps, but still want to get clean, then Mountain Mikes is for you. Continue Reading

Bowfishing Wisconsin Waterways!

2016 Wisconsin Open Bowfishing Tournament

Tune in as the 2016 Wisconsin Open Bowfishing Tournament kicks off their second year! Watch as a variety of invasive carp and other aquatic species are harvested, along with a day full of awards and great information about the importance of harvesting these invasive’s! A great day and fun for all! Check out the video below! Continue Reading

Why Do You Hunt?

Why Are You Hunting?


Boys first deer

I was on a plane a few months ago seated next to a man named Steve Luebke.  Those of you that know me would probably say that I’d talk your ear off if you gave me a chance. Truth is I probably would, but so would most other Wisconsinites. We are a friendly lot so that’s just what we do. But I’m normally pretty reserved on a plane, as I like to get some uninterrupted work done. Continue Reading