Quick Tip on Decoying Turkeys for Bowhunting

How to Set Up Decoys for Bow Hunting Turkeys

Getting turkeys to come into your decoy setup can be a challenge that we all understand. While it can be frustrating, it’s also incredibly rewarding when it pays off. Check out the following tip from the Badger Sportsman team on how to set up decoys for bow hunting turkeysContinue Reading

Possible New World Record Brown Bear Shot in Alaska

Possible New World Record Brown Bear Shot in Alaska

World Record Brown Bear

Chris Stewart shot this massive brown bear in Alaska on May 13. The bear is in contention for the world record archery bear. Photos courtesy of Chris Stewart

Friday the 13th may not be the ideal date to be hunting one of the world’s largest predators with a bow, but that’s exactly what Chris Stewart was doing when he was hunting brown bears in the Alaskan Tundra. On May 13, 2016, Chris was hunting with Carl Adams, his guide from Becharof Lodge in Egegik, Alaska. On the fourth day of his 10 day hunt, Chris got to experience two of North America’s greatest predators and he was able to get them both. Continue Reading

The Best Binoculars for Bowhunting Whitetails

The Best Binoculars for Bowhunting Whitetails

best binocular for deer hunting

Finding the right binocular can be a challenge but we can help point you in the direction of the best binoculars for bow hunting whitetails.

Hunting gear is a very personalize and divisive topic among hunters. You can find five different people with five different opinions, but since we’ve narrowed down the use of binoculars to bowhunting for whitetails, mostly done from a tree stand, you’d think we’d have a consensus here. Well, you’d be wrong. That being said, I think we can pick a good choice for the best binoculars for bowhunting whitetails. Continue Reading

Shorts for the Mountains or Everyday Life

Prana Bronson Short Review

Prana Bronson Shorts review

The Prana Bronson shorts give you the best of both worlds when it comes to off the path durability and traditional style.

When you get up in the morning, do you have thoughts about what you’re going to wear? Do you sometimes sit and say, man, if I put on these nice, stylish shorts and polo, what if i run into a situation where I need to get dirty? Or what if you need shorts that allow you to move and climb a mountain, or run a triathlon, yet still look good for going out for a beer? With the Prana Bronson short, there is no more need to worry because they have built these shorts to satisfy every situation. Read on for the best all-purpose shorts in our Prana Bronson Short reviewContinue Reading

Deer Rescued After It’s Head Got Stuck

Deer Saved From Plastic Ball Stuck on it’s Head

deer with light stuck on head

This deer had gotten a globe light stuck on its head but a New York environmental officer was able to get it off and get the deer out safely.

You’ve heard of a deer getting caught in the headlights before, but have you ever seen one get caught with it’s head in a light? We didn’t think so. Last year we saw an article of a buck with a basketball stuck in his antlers, but this is a whole different story.  Continue Reading

Giant Utah Elk Sheds Found-User Submission

Giant Utah Elk Shed Antlers

361 inch Utah Bull Elk

L.J. Anderson and Adam Mayers found these elk sheds to a Utah bull that scored 361 inches this spring in Cache Valley.

Finding shed antlers is always a good time, but when you can stumble upon giant elk sheds like the ones in this picture, you’re really having a great day. These massive sheds were found in Cache Valley, Utah by L.J. Anderson and Adam Mayers. They found the sheds near 3 a.m. and had no idea this bull existed when they found them.  Continue Reading