What Works Better for Fishing: Live Bait or Artificial Lures?

Is Live Bait or Artificial Lures Better For Fishing?

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The truth is that both bait and lures have their place in any angler’s arsenal. The question really comes down to which is going to catch the most fish, and under what conditions? Continue Reading

SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY ROVER Sunglasses

SPY Optics continues to produce awesome frame and lens combinations for outdoor enthusiasts like the Rover sunglasses.

SPY Optics is no slouch when it comes to making heavy duty glasses that can withstand abuse in the outdoors. With the new “Happy Lens” Technology that improves the mood of the person wearing the glasses, the new SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses are durable, stylish and protective. We wanted to test out how well the lenses of the SPY Rovers helped us see (especially in water) and how well they protected our eyes.  Continue Reading

Wisconsin Turkey Kill- User Submission

Wisconsin Turkey Kill

<h2>Wisconsin Turkey Kill</h2>

This Wisconsin turkey was shot and killed on the first Saturday of the first season in Southern Wisconsin.

It didn’t take long for Dylan to get his Wisconsin turkey tag filled on the first Saturday of the first season. He set up on a group of Toms and within a half an hour, had one come running into the decoy. The tom weighed 25 pounds, had a 9 inch beard and one inch spurs.  Continue Reading

Spy Tele Sunglass Review

Spy Tele Sunglass Review

Spy Optics Tele Review

The SPY Optics Tele is designed based off of the Telecaster guitar and features the Happy Lens.

Sunny days are back and that means more time out on the water. In addition to a fishing pole, sunglasses should be at the top of your priority list of needs and SPY Optics has everyone covered. The latest pair of sunglasses from SPY is the first pair of signature glasses from Ray Barbee, a longtime Crosstown Collection ambassador. These sunglasses are stylish, functional and will keep your eyes protected from harmful rays this summer. Continue Reading

Let it Sing! When to Get Aggressive with Turkey Calling

Aggressive Turkey Calling Tactics

Turkey Hunting Tips

Turkey hunting can be a tough endeavor, but these tips can help.

Turkey hunting tactics vary based on where you are and how the birds are reacting, but there are situations everywhere that require you to go that extra mile with your calls. Many people go overboard with deer hunting calls and I think that staying on the conservative side of that is a good thing, but when it comes to turkeys, there are definitely times to let some air out of your lungs. Read some of these scenarios that require a little bit of extra coaxing to bring that big tom into range with these aggressive turkey calling tactics. Continue Reading

How to Butcher a Wild Turkey Video

How to Butcher a Wild Turkey Video

Wild turkey hunting season is here and in Wisconsin, many hunters will be hitting the woods for the first season. Hopefully, you’ll be successful and will be able to put a big tom on the ground and if you do, you have to know what to do with it. This great video from ScoutlookWeather shows a great way to skin and how to butcher a wild turkey. This is how I clean my birds and while it’s not the only way, it’s a good one that gets you all of the meat.  Continue Reading

The Biggest Thing Hunters Don’t Do Enough Of

The Biggest Thing Hunters Don’t Do Enough Of

deer hunting tips

Find new spots to hunt to keep finding big bucks

Is it thinking about hunting? Most certainly not. Is it researching it online? Nope. Is it hanging tree stands, scouting, checking trail cameras? If you’re a serious hunter, then probably not. There is one thing though that I can almost guarantee that most hunters don’t do enough of, and that is finding new spots to hunt.  Continue Reading