Beat the Trails and the Elements with these Killer Shoes

Ridgemont Outfitters Monty Hi Review

Ridgemont Outfitter Monty Hi Shoe Review

These shoes from Ridgemont Outfitters look as good in your local coffee shop as they do on the mountain.

When it comes to trail shoes, durability is key. Like a good pair of boots you need outdoor and trail hiking shoes to last and Ridgemont Outfitters is making that happen. Not only can you take these up a mountain, but you can roll into the bar or restaurant in town afterward in them and look like you actually tried that day. Check out the full Ridgemont Outfitters Monty Hi review here. Continue Reading

Monster Bucks of Wisconsin: The Record Holders

Top 5 Typical and Non-Typical Bucks in Wisconsin

Biggest WI Buck Kills

Here you will find the biggest typical and non-typical bucks shot in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for producing some truly monster bucks. Bow hunters and gun hunters alike hold deer hunting in Wisconsin in high esteem. Wisconsin offers a wealth of farmland in the south and forest land in the north of the state, making it ideal for the deer herd. While many other states are implementing antler restrictions, Wisconsin continues defining bucks as, “A deer with at least one antler which is three inches or longer in length.” While this is technically an AR, it is not as stringent as what is seen in other states. Continue Reading

Breakline Polarized Regulator Sunglasses Review

Breakline Polarized Regulator Sunglasses Review

Breakline Regulator Sunglasses Review

The Regulator from Breakline Polarized Sunglasses fits all the needs of a sport fishermen or an active beach goer.

Sunglasses are a vital tool for fishermen (and women) and there are a lot of awesome options out there. For me though, I want something that not only works well on the water, but looks good enough to wear all the time. That’s where the Breakline Polarized Regulator Sunglasses come in.  Continue Reading

The Fish Don’t Stand a Chance with these Polarized Sunglasses

Breakline Romar Polarized Sunglasses Review

Breakline polarized romar sunglasses

Breakline Polarized Sunglasses are some of the most comfortable and clearest glasses you can have for fishing.

People who like to fish need to spend time on the water, and to spend time on the water you need to protect your eyes. That’s where a good pair of polarized sunglasses comes in. There are tons out there, in all sorts of different price ranges and styles, but these new glasses from Breakline Sunglasses are definitely worth putting on your face. Continue Reading

Mathews Halon Bow Review

Mathews Halon Bow Review

Mathews Halon Bow review

The all-new 2016 Mathews Halon is the newest bow in the Mathews lineup and is the hardest hitting flagship bow to date.

Mathews Inc. is known for their rugged, durable bows and I was really pumped to see that nothing has changed with the release of their 2016 model, the Mathews Halon. My first reaction checking out the new Halon was that it was a well-built piece of equipment and also, that it didn’t feature the “NO CAM” system that last year’s model, the NO CAM HTR bow did. While there may be cams on this bow, the new Halon is definitely a hunting tool worth checking out. See our thoughts below. Continue Reading

Mailman Attacked by Turkeys on Daily Basis- VIDEO

Mailman Attacked by Turkeys on Daily Basis

Cape Cod Massachusetts may not be known for it’s hunting, but there may soon be some dead turkeys if this mailman has anything to say about it. Each day this mailman has to fend off a flock of turkeys with a pole that he brings so that he’s not attacked while delivering the mail. Check out the video and see for yourself.  Continue Reading