Zoinx Sunglasses Stay on your Head and Out of the Water

Zoinx Polarized Sunglasses Review

zoinx sunglasses review

Zoinx polarized sunglasses won’t fly off of your head and will allow you to better see the fish in the water.

Boating season may seem far away with the recent snow in the Midwest, but it’s never too early to start looking for your next pair of shades. Finding a great pair of polarized sunglasses is a challenge, and losing them can be really annoying but we’ve found a pair that you’re not going to be able to lose. Zoinx polarized sunglasses come with a unique strap so that even if your glasses come off in the water, the glasses float up to the top.  Continue Reading

Light Up the Night with this Olympia Lantern

Olympia WD180 Lantern Review

Olympia d180 lantern review

Whether you’re at home or in the back country, this small lantern from Olympia Outdoors is the tool for the job.

Camping and being in remote areas can cause a need for some light and there’s no better way to see what you’re doing than by using the Olympia WD180 lantern. It’s got tons of uses and is easy to use and bright enough for any activity. We found that hanging this lantern in a tent is a great way to easily see what you’re doing and the clip light that’s built in makes this simple. Check out the full Olympia WD180 review below. Continue Reading

Weekly Morning Trail Mix 12-28

Best Hunting and Fishing Photos of the Year

We’ve had a great year here at MorningMoss and we hope you all did too. From exciting adventures outside, to awesome hunts and fishing trips, we’ve had some great experiences. We’ll be announcing the winners of the big buck contest this week and we are looking forward to seeing more awesome hunts and hearing from you next year!

best hunting pics of year

This is the Wisconsin state record typical buck shot by Adam Hupf of Beaver Dam last year (2014). The mount was done by JB Taxidermy in Wisconsin. You can read all of the info on this monster buck on this article.

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How to Use your Christmas Tree for Better Fishing

How to Use your Christmas Tree for Better Fishing

xmas tree fishing

Donate your old christmas tree to your local fish and wildlife service to be used for fish habitat

Christmas season is great, but have you ever thought about all of the trees that get cut down for this holiday? We’re not playing the grinch here, but we are going to help give you an idea on how to recycle your Christmas tree for better fishing. We figured between all the wrapping paper and trees in people’s living rooms, it’s the least we could do. Plus, you’re going to catch more fish come spring. Continue Reading

How to Cook a Better Venison Tenderloin- Video

How to Cook a Better Venison Tenderloin- Video

Cooking venison correctly is one of the best ways to share your hunt and get new hunters in the field wanting some of this tasty meat. While grilling, baking and frying is a great way to cook meat, one of the newest and some of the tastiest meat I’ve had has been cooked with hot water on a sous-vide cooker. You can get the perfect meat temperature all throughout the meat. Watch this video from Chef Steps and read below on how to cook a better venison tenderloin. Continue Reading

Rare Black Whitetail Deer Killed in Texas

Rare Black Whitetail Deer Killed in Texas

black whitetail deer kill

Brook Bateman shot this black whitetail buck in Texas during the 2015 hunting season.

A hunt that started off like any other ended up being a once in a lifetime experience for Brooke Bateman, 14, of Dallas, Texas. Brooke was not only able to shoot and kill her first buck, but she was able to do it on one of the rarest whitetails there are, a black one.  Continue Reading

Keep your Pack in Check Anywhere with the PACK Gear Organizer

Pack Gear – Lightweight Travel Organizer Review

PACK Gear Backpack Organizer Review

The PACK Gear lightweight travel organizer makes it easy to quickly access and store your belongings in a backpack for travel.

Packing and staying organized on back country hunts and camping trips can be a challenge, especially if all of your essentials are buried in a backpack. Keeping everything in place and finding it easier can save you a ton of time and hassle, and for that, the Pack Gear Lightweight Travel Organizer is a must have. Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Bear Hunter Shoots Pig thinking it was a Bear

Pennsylvania Bear Hunter Shoots Pig thinking it was a Bear

Pa bear hunter kills pig

A Pennsylvania bear hunter mistakenly killed a pet pot-bellied pig named chopper thinking it was a bear.

Accidents happen, mistakes happen, but sometimes things shouldn’t and this is one of them. A hunter in Pennsylvania mistakenly shot a pet, pot-bellied pig during bear season that he thought was a bear. While a large pig could definitely be mistaken for a bear, this hunter shot the pig while it was on private property and near a home.  Continue Reading