15 Year Old Girl Downs a Monster Buck in Sabine Parish Louisiana – User Submission

Sabine Parish, Louisiana Giant Buck Shot by 15 Year Old Girl

Sabine Parish Buck

15 year-old Aaliyah Meshell shot this big 12 point buck in Sabine Parish, Louisiana on Thanksgiving day.

Some big bucks fell over the Thanksgiving weekend and that made for some very happy hunters, but you’d have a hard time finding one as happy as 15 year-old Aaliyah Meshell, who downed a 12 point buck in Sabine Parish, Louisiana on Thanksgiving afternoon. Keep reading to hear the story of how she killed this monster Louisiana buck in her own words.  Continue Reading

Opening Day 10 Pointer- User Photo

Opening Day 10 Pointer- User Photo

ten point buck

Bennett shot this ten point buck on the opening day of the Wisconsin gun season.

The opening day of the Wisconsin gun seasons brought a fresh layer of snow and a nice ten pointer for this guy! This Wisconsin 10 point buck was shot in Columbia County on the evening of the first day of the 9 day Wisconsin gun hunt. Bennett shot the deer with a .270 shot gun at 100 yards at his home.  Continue Reading

Hydrapak SOFTFLASK Keeps you Hydrated in any Terrain

Hydrapak SOFTFLASK Review

Hydrapak SoftFlask Review

The Hydrapak SoftFlask Review shows that this is a great gift for hunters and hikers.

Water is essential in any sort of outdoor activity and when you’re on a hunt and need to save some space and stay hydrated, then the Hydrapak SoftFlask is a great tool for the job.  Continue Reading

Add this Camo Gaming Table to your Hunting Basement or Mancave!

Realtree Camouflage Collection Foosball Table by Carrom

Realtree Camo Foosball Table

This Realtree camouflage edition foosball table can be the best gift for a hunter or outdoorsman this holiday season.

Hunters, sports enthusiasts and fishing fanatics all dream of a place to hang their mounts, watch sports, drink beer and have their space. Many call this a man cave, but there are plenty of women who want this too. Having a pool table or foosball table is a great way to hang out with your buddies and add some flavor to your basement, but for the ultimate one, you need a camouflage one! Continue Reading

Back to Back Dodge County Buck Kills- User Submission

Back to Back Dodge County Buck Kills- User Submission

Holly Pfeffer buck

Holly Pfeffer shot this big ten pointer on opening day of the Wisconsin gun season in Dodge County.

Killing big bucks in big marsh country is tough to do, but Holly Pfeffer managed to do it two years in a row. You may remember her buck from last year. With the help of her husband, Nick, she was put in a position where they hoped to see some big deer on opening day of the Wisconsin gun season in Dodge County. This ten pointer stepped out in the morning and she laid it down right in it’s tracks.  Continue Reading

“Stash” your Water Bottle in your Pack with this bottle from Hydrapak

Hydrapak Stash Bottle Review

hydrapack stash bottle review

The Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle is a collapsible water bottle that saves space and weight in your pack.

Space is a commodity these days, especially when you’re cutting weight and space in your pack. Water however, is a necessity and we need something to store it in and drink from. The Hydrapak Stash bottle solves the problem of space with the convenience of having a great 750 mL or one liter bottle to drink from when you’re off the grid.  Continue Reading

Jesse Pounds a Monster Wisconsin Buck- User Submission

Jesse Pounds a Monster Buck

Monster WI BUck

As you can tell by the expression on his face, Jesse was super excited about his big buck… or maybe the cold weather that night?

Opening weekend came and went and for many hunters, luck was all they needed to tag out in Wisconsin. Jesse Sommers was one of those lucky hunters and he was able to put his Wisconsin buck tag on this big buck on the second day of the Wisconsin gun season.  Continue Reading

Store your Gear with this Camo Duffle Bag

Metal Mulisha Camo Conquer – Realtree Camo Collaboration Duffel Bag Review

Realtree Camo Duffle Bag

The padded straps and cool Realtree pattern make this duffle bag a great choice.

A high quality travel bag is a must and people who abuse their gear as much as outdoorsman know that quality is key. On top of a piece of equipment that needs to hold up, we also want it to look good and protect our stuff. In steps the Metal Mulisha camo conquer Realtree camo duffle bag. This bag will keep your gear organized and safe, while giving you the outdoor look you’re going for.  Continue Reading