No Need for Expensive Game Calls with the iHunt Calls by Ruger App

iHunt Calls by Ruger App Review

iHunt Calls by Ruger

The iHunt Calls by Ruger App allows you access to hunting info and hundreds of game calls.

What if there was a way to predator hunt, turkey hunt, elk hunt and call for these animals with one device that you can put in your pocket? It’d be really convenient right? Well, now there is with the iHunt Calls by Ruger App. This app allows you to access hundreds of game calls from different animals on your phone and connect it to a Bluetooth speaker so that you easily call these animals while hunting. You can save hundreds of dollars with this $5.99 app, instead of spending it on an expensive game call.  Continue Reading

How to Skin a Deer with an Air Compressor-Video

How to Skin a Deer with an Air Compressor-Video

I’ve heard of this method before, but never seen it, until now. Some people use an air compressor to help skin a deer by separating the hide from the meat. The air goes in on slits near the head, legs and through the back. This enables the deer to have air separate the meat from the hide so that when you skin it, the hide comes off easier. Check out the video to see how it works.  Continue Reading

Buck Nut Deer Scents Peak Estrous and Peak Rut

Buck Nut Deer Scents Peak Estrous and Peak Rut

Buck Nut Deer Scents

Buck Nut Deer Scent Reviews show that these products collected from one animal really work.

When it comes to deer scents, you have a lot of different options on the market, but the ones that truly work the best are the ones that are fresh and haven’t been sitting on your local sporting good stores’ shelves for four months. Buck Nut Deer Scents are some of the most natural and fresh deer scents available and are sure to help you draw in big bucks during the rut.  Continue Reading

20 Point 216 Inch Vernon County Monster Buck Killed in WI

20 Point 216 Inch Vernon County Monster Buck Killed in WI

Nick Bauman Buck

This buck that green scored 216 inches and boasts 20 points was shot by Nicholas Bauman near Vernon County, Wisconsin.

Massive bucks are starting to fall and this monster taken this past week in Vernon County, Wisconsin is nothing short of spectacular. Nicholas Bauman shot this 216 inch buck with 20 score-able points near Vernon County. Nick had photos of the buck from last year as a 14 pointer, but it appears that the buck put on some serious antler.  Continue Reading

Best Days to Hunt the Rut 2015

Best Days to Hunt the Rut 2015

Best Days to Hunt Rut 2015

The best days to hunt the rut in 2015 are going to be earlier this year due to the early rutting moon.

While any day deer hunting is better than a day not hunting, we all will admit that some days are better than others. The rut can be the best time of year to be in the woods (unless the buck you’re after chases a doe onto the neighbors’) and timing it right can make or break your season. We know that your time is limited and we want to help you plan your work schedule and time on stand to best coincide with the best days to hunt the rut 2015. Keep in mind that these dates vary from state to state and region to region, so be sure to continue your scouting and observations while hunting. Continue Reading

Stay Connected in any Location with these Long-Range Walkie Talkies

Motorola Talkabout T465 Review

Motorola Talkabout 465 Review

The Motorola Talkabout 465 radio is a great accessory for hunts where cell reception may be limited.

Hunting, hiking, camping and the outdoors can be incredibly fun experiences, they can also sometimes be a little dangerous. Many hunts and outdoor experiences bring us out of range of cell phones, so if there is an emergency or accident, we can’t communicate. For back country hunts, hunting with partners or as a safety measure, the Motorola Talkabout T465 is the walkie talkie for you.  Continue Reading

2015 Wisconsin Bear Hunt Success

2015 Wisconsin Bear Hunt Success

Wisconsin Bear Hunt

PJ Cashman shot this 310 pound boar on his first ever Wisconsin bear hunt in Washburn, WI in Bayfield, County.

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a hunt that I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time, my first Wisconsin bear hunt. Wisconsin is a tough state to bear hunt due to the wait that you must have to draw a tag. I applied for points for 7 years before finally being able to draw my tag in Zone D and was extremely excited to hunt an animal that I’ve rarely ever seen.  Continue Reading

Weekly Morning Trail Mix 9-20

Awesome Hunting Pictures

Welcome to another week of fall hunting! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I was traveling out West for some fun and then went on my first Wisconsin bear hunt. You’ll hear about that soon. Anyway, hopefully you all have been shooting some bucks and be sure to send in your hunting photos! Enjoy these awesome hunting photos of the week.

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